Become a Text-Messaging Guru!

Text messaging is yet another modern-day way to stay connected with friends, family, and loved ones. It enables you to use your cellular phone, equipped with text-messaging ability, to transmit messages similar to e-mail. This is possible in a much more condensed, and easier to read format. Text messaging has quickly become popular amongst younger generations for a variety of reasons; it allows quick, no-nonsense messages to be sent and received; it doesn’t always require an answer; it’s a great way to ‘just say hi’; and it’s fun!

Once you get comfortable, you can turn into a Guru. The Text Messaging Guru is a rare sort, found amongst the crowds often as a rapid talker, typer, and e-mailer. These professionals have the art of text messaging down to a science; when the guru is hard at work, he or she is programming key words into selected numbers to speed up their skills and style. (My brother is one of these gurus, and I consider him a champion of the sport). What can we learn from these speed-mavens, besides switching to decaf?

Here are some great tips and strategies to increase your text messaging ability, and get your message across faster than the speed of, well, talk:

Guru says:Learn the lingo
This means all symbols, shortened words, and shortcuts of meanings for regularly used words. This saves on typing, and ensures that the receiver can decode what you are trying to transmit. Here are some key definitions to get you started:

# – number
@ – at
& – and
? – what?
1 – one
2 – two, to, too (e.g. 2moro.)
3 – three, tree
4 – four, for (e.g., 4get.)
8 – eight; ate (e.g. Late becomes l8.)
attn – attention
b4 – before
bc – busy
btw – by the way
btwn – between
bye – good bye
c – see; sea (Sino ay nagiging cno?)
coz – because
cul8r – See you later.
d8 – date
dat – that
dem – them
dey – they
dis – this, these
dnt – do not
dsnt – does not
every – evry
f – if
frm – from
fyi – for your information
g – gee
gud – good
hi – hi, high
i – eye
l8 – late
laf – laugh
k – okay
luv – love
m – I am, am
mssg – message
n – and, in
need – nid
nite – night, knight
nt – not
nxt – next
pls – please
r – are
rsvp – respond upon receiving
s – is
smyl – smile
t – tee, tea
til – until
tnx – thanks
text – txt
thru – through
tru – true
ty – thank you
u – you
ur – your, you’re
w/ – with
w/c – which
w/o – without
wen – when
y – why

Guru says: Program your most-used words
Whether its your name, your favorite saying, or something you say more often than not, you can program your phone to display the word after you enter a specific number or code (e.g. x2 can be equal to your name). Whatever you choose, make sure it’s easy for you to remember when you’re typing away.

Guru says: Steer cleer of multi-tasking!
If you’re texting, you shouldn’t be doing anything else but. Don’t drive, don’t attempt to cross the street, and don’t do it in a place where your phone might get swiped! Although tempting to fill your time with many activities, text messaging shouldn’t be one of them. Besides, when you’re good at it, you’ll be texting within seconds.

Guru says: Save important conversations for actual conversations.
Although tempting, don’t start rumors, breakup with someone, or insult via a text message. Not only is this a social no-no, it can literally send a wrong message. Important conversations should take place face-to-face (yes, these still happen), or at least over the phone with your voice.

Guru says: Practice, practice, practice!
Once you get the hang of it, your fingers will become like machines. Your text-messaging typing speed can increase in as soon as a week, so practice as much as possible.

Guru says: Send a random message once in a while.
Everyone likes surprises, and you can really make someone’s day by sending a nice message or thought their way.

Guru says: Don’t type in all CAPS
Just as in e-mail, all caps sends the ‘I’m shouting’ message; use at your discretion

You can also send a text message from a computer; depending on the receiver’s service provider, you simply enter in the phone number and text message and click ‘send’. It’s free, and easier for those who may not have text-messaging abilities on their own phones. Do make sure to check with your wireless service provider for fees and service plan options, as they can add up fairly quickly as you become a text-messaging addict.

With the tips and techniques above, you’ll be set on your way to the guru level; in the meantime, prctic, prctic, prctic and dnt frgt 2 smyle!

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