Bed Making Made Easy

A fresh made bed is heaven after a long day, but with all we need to do in the morning, who has time? Well – Anyone! By following these simple steps, and starting your kids on them too, you’ll be well on your way to a cozy night’s sleep.

3 Things to Remember before you start:

1. Always use sheets with at least a 300 thread count. Spending a little more the first time around will ensure your purchase lasts. I recommend Martha Stewart’s Everyday collection from Kmart – I’ve had mine for more than four years!

2. Change your sheets once per week. Even if your sheets don’t appear dirty, this habit will guarantee that fresh feeling every time.

3. Use both a fitted and a top sheet. A sheet between you and your blanket will cut down on the amount of times you’ll need to wash your blanket, saving you and the environment energy, and a fitted sheet below you will stay put – no matter how much you (or your sweetie) roll around.

Making a Bed in 5 Easy Steps:

  1. Anchor your fitted sheet securely around the corners of your mattress. By taking the time to make sure this is done correctly will create a solid foundation for the week to come.
  2. Lay your top sheet flat along the length of the bed. This allows enough sheet to cover up with while securing the sheet to the bed while giving enough sheet to create a neat fold-over finish.
  3. Leaving one pillow length at the top of the bed, lay your blanket/quilt/duvet over your top sheet. Allowing space for your pillow creates the clean hotel lines that cry luxury.
  4. Tuck feet end of covers under your mattress. A tight tuck will carry you through the week so don’t be hasty!
  5. Fold the sheet over the blanket and add pillows. You’re done! Try folding your sheets over every morning and straightening them up after breakfast – this gives your sheets a moment to air out and will keep them smelling fresh all week.

Keeping your house clean and country fresh can be easy, fast, and fun with these simple steps, and don’t forget to check back next week for more “Country Housekeeping: Tips for Mother’s on the Run.” I’m Cindy Marcelle reminding you to keep it simple, keep it green, and keep it country.

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