Bee Pollen; Improving Health and Longevity

In Chinese medicine, bee pollen is considered a nutrient and energy supplement. Used for over 2,500 years and considered a “superfood’, bee pollen is a nutrient vital to health and energy, may improve disease and increase longevity. In fact, within the professional arena, the practice of apitherapy is an accepted alternative health approach in which bee pollen is commonly used in the treatment and cure of over 500 diseases and illness.

With alternative medicine, bee pollen is beleived to improve nutritional balance. Created by bees using the pollen from the “male” stamen of flowers, bee pollen is filled with protein, B-complex vitamins and folic acid and is considered an all inclusive health supplement utilized by many health nutritionists for dietary programs. For athletes, bee pollen has been attributed to an increase in stamina and strength.

In addition to providing daily natural supplements healthy to the body, bee pollen also provides an added supplement which aides in breakdown of harmful bacteria. Naturally containing higher levels of fiber and cellulose, bee pollen is believed to improve the digestive process and may improve levels of hemoglobin in some anemic patients. Additionally, bee pollen works to reduce levels of cholesterol, may improve fertility through stimulation of the ovaries and can even reduce allergy symptoms if taken regularly and at least six weeks prior to the commencement of allergy season.

And even more astounding is the affect of bee pollen on weight loss. As a natural appetite suppressant, bee pollen acts upon the hunger control center of the brain leading to a feeling of fullness and decreases hunger pangs. Additionally, bee pollen is known to increase memory, alertness and improves the appearance of skin while adding vitality and may prolong life spans and longevity.

So, whatever your current health status, consider using bee pollen in your daily dietary intake to ensure you receive the full beneficial affects. Available a powdered granule form, bee pollen is availalble in most whole natural food stores and in vitamin and dietary supplement retailers.

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