Accupressure Dietary Pressure Points: Apply Pressure Points Anywhere

There’s a time and place to exercise, but you often find yourself in situations where it’s neither the time nor the place. Sure, setting aside some time for exercise and trying to eat right is all part of the regime, but isn’t there more you can do to without doing jumping jacks on the subway?

According to Dr. Chan of “Happy Body” (ISBN 986-136-007-7), stimulating certain pressure points – acupressure – can assist you in your diet process. There are no needles or complex manuals involved. It’s the drive-through of dietary pressure points, you’re in and you’re out. All it takes is remembering two places on your body.

If you’ve read any text about Chinese therapies, you will know that the key to a person’s well being is letting your body recover from the stress of your old routines and regain a beneficial ‘balance’ within. This is applied to these pressure point instructions as well. One pressure point will be in your upper body, the other in the lower. If you stimulate the left upper body accupressure point, follow it with the right lower pressure point and vice versa. Press one spot seven times before moving on. Don’t press too hard with your fingertips and risk bruising your self. It’s not supposed to hurt!

For the Wood body type (problem areas in the limbs): Raise one of your knees, find a knob like bone from the outside of your leg, slightly below the knee. Right beneath the knob-like bone you should find an indention. Apply pressure to that area. The other point is located between the junction of your thumb and index finger. Find an indentation and use the thumb of your other hand to apply pressure.

For the Fire body type (problem area in the chest, often almost shapeless): Find the end of your collarbone, by your shoulders. Right beneath that area, there should be a large indentation. Apply pressure to the center of that indentation. The other point is at the very top of your head.

For the Earth body type (problem area in the stomach): At the front, beneath your knees. Place your index finger at the center of the area beneath your knee – you should feel your leg bone running straight down – and where your pinky is, that is the pressure point. Apply pressure with your thumb. The other point is a thumb’s width beneath the belly button, aligned with your nipples.

For the Metal body type (problem area in the entire upper body): On top of your shoulder, in the middle where your neck curves into your shoulders, use the left finger tip to press into the right shoulder, and vice versa. The other point is at your thumb, where the outer bottom of your thumbnail meets skin.

For the Water body type (problem areas in the upper limbs and stomach): The point is located in the middle of your lower back. Apply pressure with your thumb. The other point is located at the outside of your legs, four finger width above the protruding bone at your ankle. Apply pressure with your thumb.

Think of these accupressure point activities as massages that you can do yourself. It shouldn’t replace a balanced diet and exercise, but for those situations where it’s neither the time nor the place, it’s the next best thing.

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