Being Safe on a site started by a guy name Tom, has grown to huge proportions. It has become for teenagers and twenty somethings to find friends new and old and to engage in conversations. However with every good there is a bad. Many are using myspace to harass and bully others, while worst others are using it to lure kids into sexual acts. Petafiles have become one of the smarter criminals, and either disguised as a kids, or just targeting naive kids, are luring innocent children into dangerous territory.

But of course there are simple ways to stay safe and keep this site running smoothly. For starter do not put full name down. Someone can easily track you down knowing your last and first name. Stick to first name or nick names to be safe. Do not ever put your address more then town or state down, under hometown category. Someone can easily track you down by this and use this information against you. Then there is phone numbers, with everyone having a cell phone it is easy to forget you should not broadcast your number. Keep all your information you give to be short, simple, and restricted of details.
Try to know everyone that you accept as your friend to stay safest. If you get a message with harrassing material or sexual content, please notify Tom to get this person kicked off. To reassure this person does not talk to you again, do not talk back , or block their site by using the block notification under their site.

The website is made so bad people can be kicked off or blocked easily, but again it should not be totally the sites responsiblity. Be careful what you put on your site. Do not allow yourself to give away to much information to someone you do not know. Plus make sure your site does not have anything to revealing of your location or number. is a great site to keep friends close even when they are hundreds of miles away. So stay safe so this site can remain up and working so all can continue to learn about it and love it.

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