Infant Potty Training: Is It for You?

Many parents around the world are now trying what is known as infant potty training. This is a process where parents begin potty training their baby at around five to six months. But does infant potty training really work? Many experts in this field object to potty training at this early age, but parents say infant potty training has many advantages.

For example is saves money, its a lot more sanitary, and better for the environment. If you really think about it, when you throw a dirty diaper in the garbage it has to go somewhere and that is really contributing to the destroying of the environment. They also feel that you it helps to form a special bond between you and your baby. In many countries around the world ( such as India) this method has and still is being used by many parents. There is still a large amount of parents who wait until the age of two to begin potty training there children. This is the typically potty training age in the United States.

Another advantage to potty training your baby early is that your baby will have less chance of getting a diaper rash. Some parents even begin training their child from infancy, by letting them pea in a cup or small plastic container. Just think about it for a minute. The average baby solid about 6,000 diapers by the time they are complete toilet trained. Some experts do agree, however that by training them early, it does help to avoid tantrums.

It is also a lot more comfortable for the baby. Of course their are always plenty of experts to voice their negative opinions on this topic. Many of them feel that this is not a good idea, and that it may eventually backfire on the parents. They feel that it is just a waste of time and really not worth the two year effort. Just remember that children are very smart, and are capable of learning and understanding a lot more than we give them credit for.

If you are still trying to decide if infant potty training is something that you want to try you can visit a Internet chat group, that was created for moms who try using this infant potty training method. The message board is on If you are willing and able to put in the time and effort you can potty train your child early. By doing this when your child reaches the age of two, they will be able to focus on learning a lot more than just potty training which is what most kids their age will be doing. There is really nothing wrong with starting early.

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