How To Help Develop Your Child’s IQ

Every child growing up has a natural tendency to learn and achieve. It is through the process of continuous learning and application that the human intelligence can mature. That is why it is very important for every parent to teach their children relevant things that will benefit them in the long run. Research has shown that parental influence on a child is a strong determinant of how quickly a child can grow their IQ especially within the formative years.

But most importantly, there are things a parent can do to improve their child’s IQ to give their child a good start in a very competitive world. Most parents neglect these key factors simply because they do not understand the significance of implementing them. Here are a few simple exercises on how to help develop your child’s IQ.


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    Try To Satisfy Their Natural Curiosity

    Never think of your child as too little to understand whatever you have to say. Develop a habit of talking to the child about things happening around you. Mostly good things, and always try to get a response back from them . The more you talk to the child, the more you allow the child to reason with you and thus gradually developing his or her thinking capacity, which is good for the child.

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    Read Books With Them

    The fastest way to condition your child to becoming an ardent reader, is by reading with them. At first, you will have to read to them, but after a while, the child should want to read for themselves. Gradually, you read with them until, they can perfectly read for themselves. Depending on how serious you take this step, your kid should become a perfect reader in no time.

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    Use Games to Stimulate Their Mental Muscle

    Brain tasking games are fun to play with and at the same time, will help your child to be able to use his or brain at a very fast pace. Games like puzzles, Lincoln logs, Duplos and so on, will help your child improve on his intelligence quotient.


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    Build Simple Arithmetic Concepts Into Your Conversations

    When having a conversation, include some mathematical concepts that will cause your kid to task his or her brain before answering. Build a conversation like this, ‘’Look how beautiful your fingers are. Let’s count them.’’

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    Give Them Tiny Problems To Solve

    Children are easy going and open to ideas. Give your child things to do, like, handing you a remote, trying on their shoes themselves, opening a bottle and so on. Whether its simple arithmetic or a basic logic problem, by doing this you are gradually training that child to be able to think for his or her self.

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    Assist Your Child With School Assignments

    If your child has begun school already, then see to it that you help that child through his or her homework on a daily basis. After a while, the child should embrace doing his or her homework willingly.

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    With these tips as stated above, boosting your child’s IQ should be an easy job for you.

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