Parents are happy, if not joyful when they see their little ones expressing their creativity. That is until they start on the walls and furniture and understandably so. Cleaning the wall can be time and energy consuming, and some marks will literally last a lifetime.

For most parents, standard operating procedure would be to lock the child down, apply some form of disciplinary action. But remember this is good news. There is nothing like a child’s imagination. So as they are developing their mental skill/creativity, you just need to provide that outlet for them to release. So instead of stifling your little Picasso, you just need to provide the necessary tools and a separate area to work in. This article will help you discover ways to manage artistic children.


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    The Talk

    So you just discovered the latest work of art in the sitting room, what do you? Complain bitterly, lament to the heavens, feel that hot rage coming on? Usually most parents forget to do the one thing that will actual have any proper effect, talk to their kids. Most children do not have the emotional intelligence to read your expressions so remember to communicate with them. Believe this or not, children do this to gain attention from their parents. So give it to them an agreement were you talk with them, they listen and you can move on.

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    Provide Artwork Materials

    Another method is to mark areas where your little one can work on (mainly places that are not seen easily) and can easily be cleaned. Instruct him/her to only work on these areas.

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    The Butcher Paper Technique

    This is done by taping a butcher paper on the wall using a painter’s tape, so as to not peel the paints off when pulled. Your little ones can scribble on this painting and after they are done you can pull them off and replace it with a new one.

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    Construct Your Own Wall

    According to Debbie Hartmann, a preschool teacher from little Canada in Minnesota, “if you cannot beat him, join him”. Designate a wall in your house specifically for your child to write on. This is his wall, an all other walls are off limits”. Exactly this, give him a mini wall to do his work and warn him/her that if they touch any other wall there would be punishments.

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    There are several ways to prevent kids from scribbling on the walls, either by placing artwork materials beyond kids reach or give them oversized note pads to work on. One can save this drawings, it would be fun to show them when they’re all grown to see their artwork. Also it is important to make them responsible for their actions by making them clean up the mess. With time and dedication, they would eventually stop.

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