How to Be a Calm Dad During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a very testing time for a father as most of his attention during this time period is focused on his wife with a swollen tummy. There are times when dads are caught unaware when they find out that their wife is going to be pregnant even though it was never planned. From the first day till the day the water breaks, the man of the house has to carry an extra burden. Anticipation and excitement are two predominant feelings of that time so it’s important for a man to be calm during this time.


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    It is better to keep your partner involved in conversations during pregnancy. Talk about your expectations. Ask her what she expects from you in order to make sure that the three-month ride is a smooth one. Discussions should always be open. Unexpected things happen during pregnancy so it is always a good idea to be open about things.

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    Whenever your wife has to go for an ultrasound or any other prenatal visit, make sure that you are with her. Be more involved in these things as you will know more about the physical aspects of pregnancy.

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    It is better to have good sound knowledge about pregnancy. You don’t have to be a gynaecologist to understand the dynamics of pregnancy. Visit the internet, buy childbirth booklets and other helpful material to understand more about fetal development as these will help allay your fears about pregnancy.

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    It is better to talk about your fears with your partner. Although your wife is the focal point of these months but that doesn’t mean that you cannot share your concerns with her. You can talk about things like how to financially manage supporting a family. She might be able to come up with a plan which could help you calm down.

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    The baby is on its way so start making arrangements for the little one’s arrival. You can shop for things alone or with your wife if she has the energy to accompany you. Set up things that you know your baby will benefit from.

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    Contemplate on what kind of dad you want to be and prepare yourself to become the kind of father you think you should be.

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    It is better to talk to other fathers who have an idea as to how it feels like to be a father. Find out their experiences as you are bound to pick up a few clues for your own self.

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