Being a Muslim Girl in a Non-Muslim Household

It’s not easy to be a Muslim girl or young woman in a non-Muslim household. This is the challenge that many young American Muslim girls face everyday. Balancing family obligations and obedience to Allah (swt) is a constant struggle. Allah (swt) has said to obey your parents, but only if what they say is correct in Islam. Living with people who do not have the same standers of modesty, diet, and living is a hardship for many young American girls and women. It should always be remembered that a hardship is a trail from Allah (swt) and a chance to increase her faith and closeness to God. A Muslim girl needs her home to be a safe place where she can be protected and grow both spiritually and physically. Especially for young American Muslims, this is not always possible.

When living with non-Muslims a girl has to be careful to shield her modesty. If she has siblings who do not follow her same rules of conduct this can be a challenge. She must be careful of visitors of siblings and be sure to avoid any men who happen to be visiting. It is not proper for a young girl to be alone with any man with out proper supervision of her parents, or a relative.

Food can also be a challenge. Pork is strictly forbidden for all Muslims, and all meat should be Halal. If pork must be kept in the house she should not eat any food that has touched it. If her family has a taste for pork this can be a problem. Also a problem is getting Halal meat. If her family is accommodating they may purchase the meat for her but if they will not she might have to go with out things such as beef. Unless she has the money to purchase this her self and most young women do not.

A challenge also is living with people who do not understand her beliefs, or possibly mock her beliefs. This is not the case with all families of course but for some young women this can be a problem. She must remain strong and know that she is correct and that her reward is with Allah (swt).

Muslim girls can participate in many of the activities that her non-Muslim siblings can. She can take a job, go to college, and go out with her girl friends. She can do all of these things as long as she dose so with modest and remembers the rules she is bound to. If her intention is pure then there will be no blame on her. It is good to remember that with every trial Allah (swt) sends to us is a have a chance to come closer to Him.

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