Belly Fat Got You Down?

When stubborn fat will not disappear with proper diet, exercise or even weight loss programs, hormones may be culprit.

Simple Definition of the Endocrine System

The word “hormone” usually evokes a vision of women. But, men have hormones, too and they’re extremely important for our vital health. Men and women both need to know that like any other machine, the human body has many systems upon which it works. Included is the circulatory system, the respiratory system and more. A system within the body that is often overlooked is the endocrine system.

The word endocrine means a system of glands that secretes hormones in to the body. Notice how the definition states that it is a system. Just like a car, when one part in the system (say, the fuel pump) isn’t working, it affects the mobility of the entire vehicle. When one or more of the glands that carry hormones through your body is compromised, it affects the entire body.

The endocrine system is a complex communication system within the body, and the hormones are the vehicles used to speak to the different parts. Scientifically speaking, some of the major glands that make up the human endocrine system are the hypothalamus, pituitary, thyroid, adrenals, and the reproductive glands, which include the ovaries and testes.

Endocrine Disruptors

Certain chemicals in our environment interrupt the body’s natural ability to make hormones. These chemicals include industrial stuff from outside our bodies like, plastics, perfumes, detergents, cleaning agents and so on. Other chemicals we ingest, on purpose and accidentally like carbon monoxide fumes, insecticides on our vegetables, hormones in our meats as well as cigarettes and alcohol.

When these chemicals go through our skin and/or bloodstream, they enter our cells within the body. In order to enter the cells, they need to “look like” other elements that are natural to the body, so they adapt themselves to appear as hormones. Because the body produces about 623 different hormones, the imposter’s may go undetected.

Now, the body is in a state where it needs hormones, so the Thyroid gland is contacted. The thyroid sends out hormones. When it arrives at the cell, the cell resists the hormones because there are already too many imposter’s inside. So they leave. Where do they go? They go to the mid-section of the body to wait for usage. In the meantime, because the body’s hormone levels are imbalanced, the thyroid keeps sending hormones out to the cells, and the cells keep resisting.

How Hormones Affect Body Fat

Believe it or not some hormones are made up of fat. When the cells resist these hormones, they are stored. The only place they want to go is to the cell. And – the only way these displaced hormones can get to where they need to go is to get the imposter’s out of the cells, and to allow room for the natural hormones to take their place. For this reason, many individuals spend hours at the gym trying to loose stubborn fat, when the problem isn’t in the activity level, or the food intake, but in an imbalance of hormones.

How to Help Yourself

The first step in helping clean up your system is to determine what the major symptoms are in your own body. As stated earlier, the endocrine, hormone making system in our bodies is made up of several different glands that produce hormones. When one of these glands or one of the body’s vital organs (like the liver) is imbalanced, weight gain, fatigue, pain, and mood swings may occur. These are just a few of the symptoms! Bodies that have any or a mixture of these systems chronically, have been categorized in to different body types.

According to Dr. Eric E. Berg, D.C., there are four major body types. Depending upon which “type” each body is, determines where the most prevalent problems lie. Individuals may have a combination of two different body types. The four body types are: Adrenal, Liver, Ovary, Thyroid. Each body shape is shaped the way it is because of different hormones that have been disrupted in the natural flow of the endocrine system.

Dr. Berg offers free wellness seminars throughout the U.S. that discuss these symptoms, problems and a possible solution for you! The solution is what he calls the Body Restoration TechniqueâÂ?¢ or BRT. These wellness seminars make sense, particularly to those who have been to doctor after doctor without answers or results. Make no mistake; Dr. Berg is a real doctor as are the doctors that also know the benefits of BRT. Many of the doctors are considered holistic meaning that natural health and healing is preferred to drug-induced “healing”. Drugs have their uses, but many of them are overused and abused today.

So, if you’re fresh out of ideas why you really can’t lose weight, consider attending one of these free seminars. Access the website provided below for more information about this revolutionary breakthrough in natural medicine. This should not be considered a miracle cure; the Body Restoration Technique takes two: the doctor and the patient. The patient must also do his or her part by ingesting those foods that are best suited for his or her body type. Working together with a doctor in your area that is familiarized with BRT may change your life!

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