Sprouts for Health

I have Grave’s disease and with it progressing, I am finding that I have to switch up my diet a bit more for some healthier choice foods. One of those whole foods being sprouts. I was never one to even look at them in the grocery store must less eat them. Main reason being I did not know what to do with them and believed the sprouts barely contained any nutrients at all so why bother with the funny looking skinny things in the produce section.

Well, after doing some research on whole foods to add to my diet I learned all the reasons why I should add sprouts to my diet. I was surprised to learn that these super foods actually contained some of the healthiest nutrients yet and could in fact rid toxins from my body, increase my energy levels, provide my body with live enzymes to help boost the way my body absorbs nutrients and help prevent inflammation, illness and aging. All factors I needed to consider improving to improve my overall health.

After all, having an autoimmune disease that throws off the bodies balance causes a lot of havoc on the body, so my body can use all the nutrients and help it can get, which is why now sprouts I eat them on a daily basis.

What exactly are sprouts?

Many people wonder what sprouts are exactly. I know I did for the longest time. The answer is actually simple. Sprouts are sprouts. They come from mainly plant seeds such as peas, beans and nuts. However, you can grow sprouts from just about any vegetable seeds you like such as alfalfa, mung, chickpeas, lentils, clovers, onions, spinach, carrots, parsley and broccoli. Sprouts are basically the start of seeds growing into plants. As soon as you plant a seed, water it, allow it to sit in the sun and grow the seed begins to break up and grow into a sprout. A sprout is just an immature vegetable plant that can be harvested and tossed into salads, soups, stir-fries, casseroles and sandwiches, or whatever dishes you desire your sprouts to be in for eating. I personally like my sprouts in sandwich wraps to replace lettuce or in stir-fries. Once in awhile I will toss some onto my leafy green salad to get them into my diet as well. You desire how you want to get the sprouts into your diet to enhance our health.

The Health Benefits of Sprouts

Since I have been eating sprouts, which has been about a year now, I have noticed my digestive system functioning in a more normal fashion. I am not constipated anymore and I do not experience bloating as much as I use to and I believe that is because sprouts contain a lot of high fiber. Fiber is good for cleansing the digestive tract and removing toxins from the body. Surprisingly I have lost weight since adding sprouts to my diet and that is because when I add them to meals I stay fuller longer.

Another health benefit I have received from eating sprouts on a daily basis is a lot more energy. I use to suffer from fatigue because my body was not absorbing the nutrients it needed to in order to function properly and stay energized. The sprouts seem to help provide me nutrients such as protein, carbohydrates, B vitamins, minerals, vitamin A, E and C, and antioxidants, which are all needed by my body on a daily basis to help prevent me from becoming run down and sick. I have experienced a lot less colds and flues while eating sprouts. I believe that is because the nutrients in sprouts helps absorbs other important nutrients I get from other whole foods I eat. With all these potent nutrients, entering my body my immune system is able to stay healthier and stronger so it can fight off illnesses better.

Some other things I have noticed improving are my hair, skin and nails. I use to have dull hair and skin and very brittle nails. Now that I have added sprouts to my diet, my hair has shine, my skin has a brighter even complexion with less acne and my nails are a lot stronger and healthier. I believe that is due to the vitamins E, C and A in the sprouts that are essential nutrients needed to keep a healthy youthful appearance. In addition, sprouts have healthy fats in them, which help keep my skin plumped up and hydrated instead of sagging and dehydrated.

Along with more energy, less illnesses and an improved appearance my heat functions a lot better too. Before I started eating sprouts, I would get heart palpitations and anxiety and panic attacks that would stress out my heart to the max causing chest pains. With all the B complex vitamins in the sprouts I eat, my mood is a lot happier, I am a lot less stressed and my heart doesn’t beat irregularly any longer. I am even able to handle stress better when it does occur so panic and anxiety attacks do not happen as often.

One last improvement I have noticed recently since I have been eating sprouts is less inflammation in my body. My body seems too always get inflammations around the lungs causing severe asthma attacks. Lately, my asthma attacks have been a lot less severe and I am able to breathe easier.

However, these are all improvements I have seen in my body since introducing sprouts to my diet. If you introduce sprouts to your diet to you will notice health improvements too, but I cannot say for sure if they will be similar to mine since everyone’s body works in a different way to help repair and heal itself naturally.

Bottom Line

So the next time you are in the grocery store looking for foods to improve your health try some sprouts. They done have very much flavor, but when you add them to dishes they become infuses with flavor, which I find makes them a lot yummier to eat. I know I have seen great improvements in my health since I started eating sprouts and know I will probably be eating them on a daily basis for the rest of my life to help keep my illness from progression as fast.

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