Benefits of Adding French Doors to Your Home

If you are really into doors, then you probably already know that there are few things that speak more to taste and class in a than French doors. French doors have the benefit of being able to add a touch of quality to almost any home design. In fact, French doors can be works of art in and of themselves. Even if you are looking to remodel your home without investing a truckload of money, you will still be able to see a significant increase in value simply by adding an artfully crafted French door, or doors.

Most French doors are made by incorporating glass panels into a frame, and the typical French door is made of some type of wood, though other materials can also be used. This is especially true in the case of commercial French doors, which are often made of aluminum or steel. But if your door is going to be used for residential purposes, the frames will more than likely be made of some type of wood.

French doors can be ordered with a single solid panel of glass, or they may be constructed with multiple glass panels, which are incorporated into the frame. Most exterior doors are usually made with glass, which is usually double paned to add in keeping the elements out and heat and air conditioning inside.

In some cases a decorative grille is embedded between the two panes of glass, which gives the door an extra level of security. However most French doors are often confused with double doors. While they do have some similarities, most French doors are often installed as double doors, although they can be a single door as well. In most case a single French door will be used for interior doors while double doors are used for exterior doors.

The glass in French doors can be as transparent or as opaque as desired, and they are usually rated for transparency, with a scale of one to a five with a five being the most opaque, and one being the most transparent. If the door is going to be used for exterior purposes, more likely than not it will be crafted with more opaque glass. Usually level three to level five. This allows for more security and privacy.

Most homeowners tend to choose French doors mainly for their aesthetic quality, because they add a sense of sophisticated beauty to large and smaller homes alike. The prolific use of glass allows more light to penetrate, especially when being used in exterior doors. Whenever a home is designed to allow more natural light in this always equates to a reduction in the use of electricity, and in addition natural light brightens a home in a way that no light bulb can compare.

While most French doors are chosen for the beauty that they add, they are also very functional. They also allow for homeowners to have customized security features built in. French doors can also be accessorized with hardware such as door hands that will match the interior, as well as the exterior decoration and style of your home. Once they have been installed, they will last for years while adding a great amount of curb appeal to any home.

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