How to Make Your Own Candle Wicks

Why buy expensive candle wicks when you can easily make your own from cotton cord? In this article I will explain how to make candle wicks and how to use them successfully in your homemade candle creations.

How to Make Candle Wicks – Materials Needed

You’ll only need a few simple materials to make candle wicks at home. First, you’ll need some cotton cord. This is easily found at craft and hobby stores and will be the base for your candle wicks. Make sure you only purchase 100% cotton cord, anything else won’t work and could be a fire hazard.

The other materials you need to make candle wicks include two tablespoons of borax, one tablespoon of salt, one cup of water, a plastic container and scissors.

To use the candle wicks in your homemade candles, you’ll need paperclips, a candle mold and hot candle wax. The steps for using the candle wicks are described in depth below.

How to Make Candle Wicks – Step #1

The first step to make candle wicks is to put the borax, salt and water in a plastic container. Mix well and soak the cotton cord in the solution overnight.

How to Make Candle Wicks – Step #2

The second step to make candle wicks is to remove the cord from the borax and salt solution. Allow the cord to dry thoroughly. One way to do this is to place the cord on a wire rack over the sink. You could also hang the cord over the sink if you don’t have a wire rack.

How to Make Candle Wicks – Step #3

The final step to make candle wicks is to cut the candlewick to the desired length with the scissors. The length you make your candle wicks depends on the size of the candles you intend on using the wicks with.

Following this simple method, you’ve now made your very own candle wicks. Read on to find out how to use them in your homemade candles.

How to Make Candle Wicks – Using Homemade Candle Wicks

Now that you’ve made your candle wicks, you’ll want to use them in your homemade candles. First, insert the candle wicks through a paper clip. Use one paperclip for each candle wick. Fold the wick lengthwise and twist the ends together.

Next, place the paper clip in the bottom of a candle mold. Pour hot wax into the candle mold and hold on to the end of the candle wicks until the wax sets enough that the candle wicks cannot sink back into the wax.

Once the candles are done, your candle wicks will be ready to light and enjoy. You can also enjoy the feeling of accomplishment that comes from doing it yourself!

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