Choosing and Installing a Satellite Dish

Choosing a Satellite Dealer

Home satellite systems are becoming very popular in homes around America. When purchasing a system you need to put some time and thought in to exactly what type of system you want. The price will vary depending on the features chosen. To locate a dealer, check your local yellow pages of your phone book. Keep in mind, your dealer should be helpful and knowledgeable in various satellite systems. The dealer should be able to explain the features, functions, and benefits of different systems. Satellite systems should be the main part of the dealership. Try not to deal with a company who sells satellites with televisions as a side line. See if the dealer can give you a list of satisfied customers. Find out about all warranty service and support for after you install a system. For more information, see a satellite dealer.

Installing a Satellite Dish

When installing a satellite dish, your dealer should give you special attention. Careful consideration must be given to location and positioning of the dish to avoid any obstructions from your dish to the satellite arc out in space. The dealer will need to inspect your home to find the most beneficial location. Satellites orbit at the same speed as the earth’s rotation therefore remaining in the same position. You can choose a dish which can access any satellite across the sky or one that is fixed and pointed at one satellite. In either case, technical calculations are needed and specific to your home. A dish is usually installed on cement and a cable runs underground to the house. The cable connects to a receiving unit within the house which is connected to your television.

Descrambling Your Satellite System

After installing your satellite system you will receive about 130 channels free. There are programs available for a fee, like cable programming and paid preview movies and specials. There is a descrambler inside your system which is registered to you and allows the purchase of paid programming. According to industry professionals, home satellite systems provide more program choices and lower cost and better picture and sound quality than those subscribing to local cable companies. Most people who purchase satellite systems live in areas controlled by cable companies. Once you subscribe to a service, your descrambler will be signaled to unscramble the images viewed by non-subscribers. A descrambler contains a modem which when connected to a phone allows you to access paidview right away. It can also store all selections in memory so you can check your bill. Another feature of your descrambler is monitoring and controlling programming by using a code which will lock out children or house guests. For more information on satellite dishes and programming, contact a satellite dealer.

Warranties and Service

Warranties and service are an important part of purchasing a satellite system. Warranties vary depending on the type of system. They can range from one to three years on components and you can purchase extended warranties for receiving units. Dealers should provide a regular maintenance service. Depending on the weather, moving and pivoting points will need to be lubricated once or twice a year. The dish should also be checked to be sure it is tracking on the appropriate arc and that you are receiving all available programming. By performing proper maintenance, your system should run worry-free. Most dealers are agents for programming providers. They can get you the programming you want at a lower price. They can also let you know about any new programming available.

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