Reach New Heights

I stand in line
I cannot bare to stare at the behemoth in front of me
But I cannot turn away, afraid, maybe, that it will attack me
I step on the platform and head to row one, if I’m going to conquer this monster I’m going straight for the head
I wait for the beast to return from it’s hunt
I never want it to come but I want it to come now
I see it round the corner, I turn away and hold back the tears, if it sees my fear it will surely strike first
It reached the platform and grinds to a halt with a roar
The gate opens, taunting me with every creak, I step in my seat and look towards the exit, still a chance to escape.
I look back to the track, I had a mission to do, I strapped myself in, no turning back now.
The slender metal snake screeches slowly away from safety.
As it climbs up the hill my blood turns red hot, burning through my skin.
We reach the pinnacle and silence, but the monster awakens and plummets toward the ground.
At first it was shock then a smile then a scream, by the time it was over I was smiling ear to ear, heart beating fast to the rhythm of the ride.
And when I stepped off the ride and look back at the train, I said, “I made a friend today.

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