Family Cloth: A Simple Way to Save Money and a Tree!

If you are like many people in the world right now, you are trying to find a simple way to save a buck here or save a buck there. This is one simple way that many people have never thought about, and it is so easy. Sitting right there under your nose is what is now called Family Cloth. This article will give you some details about family cloth and how to get started. There will be articles to follow about more in depth things to deal with family cloth.

First of all, family cloth is simply reusable toilet paper. That does not mean that you have to run out and buy brand new fabric to use and make this. Many people use old bed sheets, old t-shirts, scraps from fabric, or even baby wash clothes. While there are many fabrics to make these from, cotton and flannel seem to work best. While fleece looks nice and soft, it does not absorb liquid very well.

If this article has caught your attention, I am glad. You have decided to read and give this a shot.

Now we can discuss what most people call the hardest part, deciding what size you will need. I have tried several different sizes and the size that I found to work best was 5 inches by 5 inches. Some other people will go a bit bigger in size, but I have never heard of smaller. You can also make them round. If you can sew, toy with a few different ones and see what works best for you.

Now for some people they start this process and never think twice about it, and others are stopped by their significant others. If your significant other happens to be male, think about this. You pee way more than he does. So that means that you use more toilet paper than he does. Give it a shot for just a month.

There really is no ick factor when you think about it. How many times has a child or yourself gotten sick or pooped on an article of clothing? Did you throw it away or just wash it and wear it sometime later? I am going to say that most people wash it and wear it later. So how can this be any different? It is not any different. Just simply wash these with your socks, rags, and underwear, or for some people with their cloth diapers. Trust me a few extra pieces of cloth in your washer is not going to raise your water bill at all.

Good luck with Family Cloth!

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