Benefits of Adopting an Adult Dog

Are you thinking of adopting a new pet? Consider opening your home and your heart to an adult dog. Many people shy away from the adults, preferring instead to get a young puppy. But there are many benefits to adding an adult pet to your family.

When you adopt an adult dog, you often know exactly what you’re getting. Shelters usually get a profile on dogs from their previous owners. You can find out if a dog is housebroken, good with small children, destructive when left home alone for a few hours, or good with other animals. With this information you can find the dog that will best fit into your life.

Adult dogs are usually easy to housebreak, if they aren’t already. Adult dogs have control over their bladder and bowels. Where a young puppy can get the general idea of where you want them to eliminate, they probably won’t have the muscle control to hold it for more than a few hours at a time until they hit about six months of age. This is definitely something to consider if you are going to have to leave your dog home for the normal eight plus hour work day.

Adult dogs have grown out of puppyhood and adolescence. Once a dog has hit around three or four years old, he has outgrown a lot of his puppy rambunctiousness. An adult dog will be able to enjoy going out for exercise with you, and than be equally happy to hang out with you at home.

One of the best reasons to adopt an adult dog is that there is a good chance you’ll be saving a life. Too often adult dogs in shelters are passed up for adoption. These dogs are often well-behaved, loving animals whose owners passed away or were unable to take them with them when they move. Unfortunately, they get passed over time and time again for adoption as most people are most interested in adopting a puppy. In our overcrowded shelters, dogs may only have a few days in which they are available for adoption before they are euthanized to make room for more dogs. When you open your heart to an adult dog, you may truly be saving his life.

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