How to Give a Horse Good Ground Manners

Horses are one of the most loyal and loving creatures out there, but without proper training they can be quite a destructive force. Whether you buy a horse from someone or catch a wild one, you will have to put a lot of effort in training them before they can be left to roam by themselves.

Horses are naturally poor in ground etiquettes. The trick is to start teaching them at a young age and to train them rigorously because a horse with bad ground manner can be dangerous for both the horse and its handler.

Things Required:

– Whip
– Lead rope


  • 1

    Do not let the horse roam freely in the lawn or barn. Make a small shed for the horse and tie the horse to a wooden post with the help of the rope. Tying the horse will for long hours will develop the importance of master in the eyes of the horse. Bring it food and water daily and take it out for a walk in the ground, but do not let it loose.

  • 2

    Always make your horse follow you. However, it will take some time before it starts obeying commands, be patient and do not abuse or hit your horse. Animals have a tendency to fight or flight when they are afraid so there is no need to instil fear in its heart for you.

  • 3

    Bride your horse in such a manner such that the bit does not slide from its mouth. Attach the rope with the left side of the bridle and move all the way around the horse and fix the other end of the rope with the clip on the right hand side.

  • 4

    Your horse is ready to visit the ground, but not all by itself yet. Take it to the ground a few times and walk it around the park in circles, never letting go of the rope. Follow a fixed routine for about two weeks. Your horse will start listening to the commands with the passage of time.

  • 5

    Hop on to the saddle and walk around the ground in the same pattern. If there is a marked path in the ground, make sure that you stay on the course. Do not use the whip unless there is no other way. After about a month, you may let the horse go free in the park and it will follow your instructions from distance.

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