Decrease Your Dog’s Excessive Drooling

Oh, that drool your pet has he slobbers all over the place including on you. Some dogs drool more than others because of their size and some drool because that’s just their nature and behavior. So what can you do if your dog is a big time slobber? You can follow these simple ways to decrease your dog’s excessive drooling. If your dog seems to be drooling more than usual, check their mouths to see if they have any foreign objects inside. Dogs put almost anything in their mouth, so it is no big surprise that you may find anything in their mouth that is causing them to drool excessively. If you find something you can’t get out of their mouth, of course take them to the vet to have it removed professionally. Don’t try to remove something that is lodged you can cause damage to their mouth, teeth, or they may end up swallowing the object.

Excessive drooling can mean your dog is nauseous so be careful what you feed your dog. Some human food will make your dog drool excessively because they have an upset stomach from eating too much of whatever scraps it is you’ve been feeding them. At times my dog seems to drool a lot when she is in the car riding with me. Car rides can make some dogs nauseous causing them to drooling excessively. What you can do is not feed them a lot of food right before you take them on a ride, roll down the windows it may be too hot in the car, or you can also let your dog ride in the front seat. My dog seems to not drool as much when she’s riding shotgun. I also notice if I stop more often she will drool less, so instead of trying to make those green lights, going through the yellow lights, or traveling on the highway, try taking the long, scenic route with a bunch of lights and stop signs to help decrease your dog’s excessive drooling while in the car.

If your dog is a big time drooler, try putting a bib loosely around their neck to prevent a lot of drooling on your floors, furniture, and you. You can buy a bib or you can use a cloth, thick paper towel, or a haircloth to help decrease the drool. Meals will cause almost any dog to drool excessively just because they are excited about eating. If you feed your dog inside, make sure you put a placement mat under their food bowls to decrease the excessive slobber on your floors. If you dog is usually pretty clean but all of a sudden starts drooling excessively take them to the vet, anything could be causing the drool, including poisoning, which could be accompanied by vomiting. However, problems with their teeth are the biggest cause of excessive drooling. Things like chipped or loose teeth and gum problems are usually the main reason why a usually dry dog will start drooling excessively.

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