Pet and Animal Rescues in Tennessee

These organizations are private, tax exempt organizations. Any adoption fees or donations are tax deductible. If you need to get rid of a pet, do not just let it go. Bring it to a shelter or rescue group and let it find a new family. Many of them offer low cost spay/neuter programs. If you cannot adopt, give a look at the sites and see if you can make a donation here are many ways to help. If you can donate just an hour or two a week, become a volunteer. Become a foster family for an animal while they are waiting for a permanent home. Shop in their on line stores. They have very nice gifts for that animal lover in your life.

Participate in their fund raisers. Many of the shelters have interesting things going on like dinners, tag sales, raffles etc. Everything goes to the animals. Theses are arranged by county. If you do not see a shelter or group in your county, call the one nearest you. If they cannot help, they will be glad to refer you to one who can. Be sure to check nearby states.

If you have anything that you plan on disposing of, and I do mean anything, please call a shelter and see if they can use it before you through it out. The can uses practically anything and if they cannot use it themselves, many of then run thrift shops and flea markets to raise money. You can also donate an old car, used cell phones (check the sites to see which shelters participate in theses programs) redeemable bottles. They are very resourceful and can put anything to good use and instead of just throwing it away, you get a tax deduction.

Blount County, Tennessee Animal Rescues

Animal Rescue and Fostering Networks ( all animals)
Check out their events page for up coming adoption clinics.


Campbell County, Tennessee Animal Rescues

Humane Society of Campbell County (cats and dogs)
They have a low cost spay/neuter program

Carroll County, Tennessee Animal Rescues

Carroll County Humane Society (cats and dogs)
They have a low cost spay/neuter program

Carter County, Tennessee Animal Rescues

Elizabethton Carter County Animal Rescue(cats and dogs)

Claiborne County, Tennessee Animal Rescues

Claiborne County Animal Control (cats and dogs)
They have a low cost spay/neuter program

Coffee County, Tennessee Animal Rescues

Coffee County Animal Control (All Animals)

Cumberland County, Tennessee Animal Rescues

Wags and Whiskers Pet Rescue, Inc. (cats and dogs)
Check out the events page for coming adoption clinics

Fayette County, Tennessee Animal Rescues

Fayette County Animal Rescue ( cats and dogs)
Check out the events page. See if you can attend one of the up coming events. They have a program where they will help low income pet owners by giving the food and other essentials.

Grainger County, Tennessee Animal Rescues

Grainger County Humane Society (cats and dogs)
Check out the news and events page for the dates and times of their mobile spay/neuter clinics.

Hamilton County, Tennessee Animal Rescues

Humane Animal Rescue Team
They have a low cost spay/neuter program They do not have animals for adoption Their mission is to help with spay/neuter,

Jefferson County, Tennessee Animal Rescues

Bichon Frise Information Station (Bichon Frises only)

Knox County, Tennessee Animal Rescues

East Tennessee Doberman Rescue (ETDR) (Dobermans)

GRReat Dog Rescue (dogs only)
They have a link to spay/neuter clinics in Knoxville.

Horse Haven of Tennessee (horses only)
If you like to ride, check out the events page. They have a fun event coming up.

Maury County, Tennessee Animal Rescues

D&M Animal Rescue

Putnam County, Tennessee Animal Rescues

Engelschwein Farm AKA Shepherd’s Green Sanctuary

Shelby County, Tennessee Animal Rescues

Animal Sanctuary , Inc. (dogs only)

Basenji Rescue and Transport, Inc ( Basenjis only)

Guardian Angel Pet Rescue (cats and dogs)

Memphis Humane Society (cats and dogs)
They have a low cost spay neuter program. They have a lot of fun events coming up. Check them out.

Sumner County, Tennessee Animal Rescues

Freedom Farm Animal Sanctuary (cats and dogs)

Williamson County, Tennessee Animal Rescues

Happy Tails Humane Society (cats and dogs)
They are having a yard sale and need items, If you have anything you no longer use, don’t throw it away, Give it to them and get a tax deduction on top of it. Don’t forget to check out the news and events section.

Wilson County, Tennessee Animal Rescues


The Humane Society of Wilson County (cats, dogs and small animals)
They have a mobile spay/neuter clinic.

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