Benefits of Using Tracking Software with Photo ID Cards

Tracking software is ideal for business and companies who want even greater control of their buildings or grounds, and higher levels of security. Used with a secure ID Card, tracking software allows you to control and track who has access to your facilities and easily identifies the individuals that do.

Tracking software can be used with any form of ID Card, including those relying on barcode and magnetic stripe technology, or those that use biometrics, RFID, microchips, or various other contactless technologies.

Most ID Card tracking software is compatible with Windows software, and some are compatible with Macs as well. There are numerous companies that make tracking software for your ID Cards, and some offer it in a package when you buy a complete Photo ID System.

AlphaTrack software is one of the best products available as far as tracking software is concerned. It is an excellent example of everything tracking software should include, such as fast identification times, accurate and sharp likenesses of individuals and their photos, and easy to access.

Tracking software also makes it easy for your employees to feel secure and for your security personnel to operate, especially if the company is larger and there is more going on. It is also great for validating security ID badges at security personnel stations or other entry points; usually this includes time-stamping with the station code and cardholder ID.

Some of the main characteristics of tracking software are that, if it is good, it usually requires little or no training because of intuitive interfaces, it tracks the amount of visitors to your facility, it allows you to view user activity daily, yearly, and monthly, it allows you to replace log books with fully automated systems, it works with all Photo ID Card systems, and lets the security personnel k now automatically whether or not the visitor is authorized.

It’s also quick to identify individuals via the photo on their ID Card, it networks efficiently between various locations and allows them to share a single data center. Tracking software for Photo ID Cards keeps company and information confidential and there are numerous safe-guards, such as encoding, that protect it from hacking.

In short, a tracking system can further ensure the security of your company or business and allow your users, employees, visitors, and security personnel to feel safe and in control of their environment. Most importantly, your information is protected and you can track who comes and who goes, a must in any large or small business.

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