Product Review: Treo 650

The Treo 650 by PalmOne brings us an exciting upgrade from the former Treo 600 model. With enhanced features, better screen resolution, multiple applications, and ease of use, the Treo 650 provides essential benefits for organizing, communicating, and syncing with other programs and networks. PalmOne’s developments of PDAs and communication devices has steadily improved over the past few years, but the Treo 650 is definitely one of their best. With Bluetooth technology, users can connect to the internet and check e-mail with ease and flexibility. Customizable calendars, schedules, and other time management tools make the Treo 650 a competitive handheld organizer in today’s market.

Sprint PCS proudly features the Treo 650’s connectivity on the PCS network. The Treo uses Smartphone technology to provide users with a phone, internet connection, and organizing tool in one. The easy-to-use keypad is functional for most users, and is set up in a QWERTY style format. The high resolution touchscreen is a huge improvement from the Treo 600, and allows users a backlight and for easy access to the highly responsive touchscreen. The improved processor speed also provides users with freedom to navigate the web and other programs efficiently.

The high resolution screen and imaging program offers a 320×320 size with over 65,000 colors. This makes the camera component a valuable tool for digital pictures, images, and makes taking pictures a snap. Although it is not a professional digital camera, the Treo 650 gives users the option to take medium-quality, high resolution pictures when needed.

The battery now offers a removable format, making it easier to recharge and replenish much-needed energy! The battery life can last almost three days without a recharge, and a car adaptor is available. If the battery dies completely, your files are still kept safe in a strong data backup system already installed on the Treo 650 device. No more worries about the emergency situation, as the programs are stored safely during the interim of battery changes.

The phone component is comparable to today’s high-end cellphone; the Treo 650 offers Smartphone technology and the reception is as clear as most cellphones on the market today. Easy frequencies on Sprint’s PCS network provide ample roaming and usage ability, and internet and e-mail browsing capabilities are lightning quick and a breeze to maneuver.

The Bluetooth Hotsync available provides wireless capabilities that truly stand out; easy communications between your Treo 650 and PC make this a much-needed tool for any organization and business! Since the software does sync with Outlook for Windows, it makes it easy to stay on top of schedules, appointments, and other networks that were formerly stored on a PC or laptop.

Overall, the Treo 650 is a smart choice for Palm users and others looking for an upgrade from their PDA. Priced at $599.00 at retail, it is available for as low as $449.99 through various online sites. The Smartphone technology, PalmOne’s user-friendly interaface, and increased processor and internet connectivity, make the Treo 650 a great organizing tool and communication device in today’s fast-paced buzz of business and organization needs.

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