Managing a Successful PPC Campaign

Getting traffic for your e-commerce site can sometimes be a tricky thing, especially if your site is new. Even then your visitors may not even be interested in the products you offer. This is where PPC campaigns can help drive targeted site visitors and customers to your website. But you want to be able to ensure that you will profit from the venture and not pay more in advertising than you have actually made.

Finding the Right Keywords

PPC Campaigns work on the basis of keywords, just as websites do, when a user is looking for information on a specific keyword, then the ad is displayed for them. However in a PPC campaign, the better keyword selection you use, the better results you’ll have. For instance, if you were selling dog shampoo, your keyword should be ‘dog shampoo’, and not ‘dog’ and ‘shampoo’. The difference is someone searching for ‘dog fighting’ may be displayed your ad. While the user may still be interested in your product, the odds of the visitor purchasing will be lower than someone searching for ‘dog shampoo’.

Know Your Visitors

In your PPC Campaign, you can target a wide variety of keywords. Try to find the right keywords by testing and retesting. Observe your logs and analytics to find out what type of visitors convert well. If a keyword in your PPC Campaign is not performing well, then make changes to that particular keyword or drop it entirely. Remember most clicks and visitors you receive will cost you money. So make the most from your PPC Campaign by observing your visitors.

Landing Pages

Most PPC advertisers give you the ability to specify different landing pages for different keywords. So a User that is searching for ‘large dog collars’, can be taken directly to the page that offers large dog collars. This greatly increases conversions because the user does not need to search the site in order to find the product that he or she is looking for.

Managing a Successful PPC Campaign

In short, managing a successful PPC Campaign means two things. Finding the right keywords and knowing your visitors. Fortunately some of the larger PPC providers offers tools the help you with this. Google Adwords is a provider of PPC ads that you can purchase. They provide analytics and keyword suggestion tools that are a must for anyone interested in PPC.

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