The Microsoft Corporation

Here is a problem I am sure that a majority of you MSN messenger users are familiar with. I am using Windows Live Messenger, and recently just woke my computert from hibernation. So I try signing into MSN messenger, and get the 81000314 error. Hmm.. I try again. No dice. I try again, and agian, and again, and again! Clicking like I’m playing Counter Strike! Yet… it does not work.

So I do what any reasonable person would do. I google the error. Would I find a solution that works? Of course not! There must hav been hundreds of other people who were having the same error, yet our friends over in Seattle find it to be too much work to provide us with a solution for such a silly problem. Bill Gates is a man with a wallet the size of Zimbabwe, and you would think that the Microsoft Corporation could hire some decent people for techincal support on such small issues.

My solution: Online Protest! Ok well nothing too out of this world. Anyone who is having an error with any Microsoft application, go to Microsoft Customer Support, and EMAIL The heck out of them! It is a shame that people that pay big bucks for software have to suffer with little problems that interfere with their everyday lives. While I am writing this article, intermittently I am still clicking retry, yet there is no hope. It is the end of the world, as we know it. And Microsoft is not going to save anyone.

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