Where to Find the Hottest MySpace Layouts

Where can you get the hottest MySpace layouts? Well, that depends who you ask. Do a Google search for “MySpace layouts” and you get over 27 million results. 27 million! I don’t know about you, but I don’t have time to search through twenty-seven million search results.

If you’re on Myspace (and obviously you are or you wouldn’t be reading this) then you know the importance of a good, no, make that a great MySpace layout. The right MySpace layout says a lot about who you are as a person and what you’re all about. You want a layout that doesn’t look like everyone else’s, something original and most importantly, one that will get people talking.

Some MySpace users choose to use a layout of their favorite band (My Chemical Romance) or designer (Louis Vuitton). Others choose layouts that are nostalgic, like Candyland or Rainbow Brite. Then there are the more simple MySpace layouts that are all about color and design.

If you know HTML, then you’re one step ahead of everyone else and you can probably create your own MySpace layout. But if you’re a MySpace novice, then you’ll need some help getting started.

Of course, finding a great MySpace layout can be a bit of a hassle, especially if you’re not sure where to start looking. When I first started on MySpace, I had to get help from my cousin, who is a good 10 years younger than I. But she was great and she pointed me in the right direction. Now, it’s usually me who is dispensing the MySpace layout advice.

So here are a few of the MySpace layout sites that I’ve had experience with. They’re user-friendly and offer a lot of really great options. Enjoy!


Whateverlife is run by a snazzy teenage girl named Ashbo. I’m partial to this MySpace layout site because the layouts here are very colorful and pretty (i.e. girly). Whateverlife also has really great HTML guides available for use. So if you’re new to MySpace and don’t know the first thing about changing font size or color, or you just want to figure out how to get one of those cool scroll boxes that everyone seems to have, this is the perfect place for you to start.


This site has layouts for just about everything it seems – from Hello Kitty! to Gwen Stefani to Candyland…it’s all here! They have all their MySpace layout choices in a cool drop-down menu. Plus it offers live preview, so you can see exactly what your MySpace layout will look like before you even install it onto your own profile.


This site has lots of MySpace layouts all neatly categorized for easy searching. They also offer MySpace generators and tutorials, if you’re looking to do something a bit “fancier” on your MySpace profile.


The MySpace layouts on this site have been submitted by many users, so it’s easy to find something that you’ll like. There are artsy, abstract kind of layouts and also MySpace layouts of your favorite artists and other celebrities that you won’t find anywhere else. Besides offering a huge collection of MySpace layouts, they also offer scripts, graphics, tutorials and forums.

MySpace Layout Snatcher

Let’s say you’re browsing profiles on MySpace and you run across a really cool MySpace layout that you’d like to have as your own. But of course, you don’t know where they got it. Well, now you can snatch that layout for yourself by using a MySpace layout snatcher. All you have to do is the enter the Friend ID of the layout you want – then click on Get Code. That’s all there is to it.

Take the time to look around at different MySpace layout sites to see what’s out there. When you’re ready to make a choice, be sure you read the instructions carefully since some can be more complicated than others. And don’t be afraid to mix it up – some MySpace users change their MySpace layout often while others prefer keeping the same layout for a while. However you decide to do it, just make sure that the layout expresses who you are.

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