Ways of Getting Rid of Your Old Tablet

Been drooling over the new iPad Air or the Google Nexus 7? If you’re ready to shell out that hard-earned money to get a new tablet you’ve been dreaming of for the past month, think of the best solution on how you can dispose your old but still reliable tablet. So before you get too excited and run to the nearest gadget store to get that Samsung Galaxy Note (2014 Edition) that’s staring back at you from the shelf, find out how you can spend your last moments with your old tablet friend.

Most of the time, we opt to hit the buy and sell sites to sell our old stuff that is still in good condition or just hand it down to our younger siblings and let them wreak havoc on our ex-prized possession til it bids farewell. But before choosing which path your old tablet will take, make sure all your personal information such as documents, photos, receipts, or passwords are all safely wiped out of the gadget before keeping it away or letting it go.


Reminder: Be sure to make a backup of all important information or data contained in your tablet before totally wiping out its current settings.

To reset an iPad back to its pre-use factory settings, that is before you start loading it with pictures, notes, and other kinds of stuff, go to your device’s Settings menu, and then tap General. Tap the Reset option, then tap Erase all Content and Settings. If you are prompted with a password, enter it in the field provided. Tap Erase to proceed in deleting all media and data, and will reset all the iPad’s settings at the same time.

On the other hand, to reset an Android tablet to its factory settings, tap the Menu option, then tap Settings, and then go to Privacy. After tapping the Factory Data Reset button, choose whether you would like to delete the data either on your device or the SD card, or both. Next, tap the Reset Phone option, and then confirm your choice by tapping the Erase Everything button.

The steps we just provided will guide you on how to wipe all your personal data from your tablet, and this procedure cannot be reversed once done. So make sure you have everything backed up!


Selling your old but still working tablet is also a great way of disposing it. Not only it can still be used by another person, you’ll also earn cash that you can add to your next tablet purchase or for other personal needs. Online stores like Amazon, BestBuy, RadioShack accept trade-ins in exchange for store gift cards, eBay pays you via PayPal in exchange for a successful trade-in, while BuyBackWorld, Gazelle, and NextWorth pays you in cold cash if your gadget gets sold.

Apple has a Recycling Program exclusively for Apple products where you can get Apple Gift Cards as form of payment. For a 16GB Wi-Fi 1st Generation iPad, you can get up to $150 worth of Gift Cards, and for the 2nd and 3rd Generation models, they’re worth $175 and $200 respectively. Unlike the Apple gadgets, Android has lower resale value for old products. For example, you can only get $62-$94 for a 32GB Wi-Fi Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0, and $40-$60 for an 8GB Amazon Kindle Fire.


If you’re kindhearted enough, you can just donate your old tablet to charitable organizations that such as Computers with Causes, Recycling for Charities, and Digital Office that supports schools, organizations, and individuals who are in need. For sure, your old tablet will be used for a good cause, which is actually more rewarding than getting monetary value in return.

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