Review of YouTube

YouTube is the increasingly popular video streaming website which allows you to upload and share videos with other members. The website is free and the only requirement is that you sign up with them in order to view the videos. Sounds easy, but what is the point in uploading and sharing videos?

�· The Videos Can Brighten Up Your Day
Some videos on the website are hilarious to watch. There are funny clips that include random footage and also clips from television and movies, providing hours upon hours of entertainment. This can really help cheer you up if you have had a bad day or distract you from the boredom of your workday. If comic relief is not what you are looking for, YouTube also has more serious clips that can range from political topics to news worthy stories.

�· You Can Use it As Your Online Diary
While it may be highly personal, many users record their own personal diary for the world to see. It’s entertaining to watch random people sharing their thoughts and the events that are occurring in their lives. There is also something extremely therapeutic in showing the world your life and telling them your problems. If you are a normally introverted person, you may feel less intimidated by sharing yourself through a web camera.

�· You Can Really Make Your Mark in the World
Since people from all over the world are logging on every single day to YouTube, your video is likely to be viewed thousands upon thousands of times. You could potentially be watched from Rome, Paris, Egypt, Italy and even the Caribbean. YouTube makes it possible to record a message to the rest of the world and make your own mark. For example, do you agree with everything that’s going on in your workplace or in the government? There is a small chance you can make a difference with your video so you could always try and make it inspirational to other people. There have been cases of videos getting the attention of important officials and investigations then being launched to look into poor policies.

�· The Downsides
The main downside to YouTube is that you never know who is watching you. There could be potential pedophiles that are trying to view young children or teenagers’ videos. While we may not think of these things before we post our family videos, it is always worth keeping that in mind. When signing up you also receive a profile and surprisingly a lot of members do put their personal details for all to see. This is extremely dangerous because putting your personal information makes you an instant target. People’s motives for visiting all websites are different and while you may sign up to simply have a good, fun time by viewing and sharing funny clips, others are there to simply make trouble and take advantage of you. Personal details should never be shared under any circumstances and as harmless as it might seem to you, there are people who will use it against you. Unfortunately there are also people who will view the diary entry style videos, and look for vulnerable people. It is possible to message other members on the site so as well as being able to make new friends; you can also end up meeting the wrong people just as you might in a chat room.

The final downside is that it can get extremely addictive! There simply isn’t enough time in the day to view all of the videos placed on the site, but that doesn’t mean you won’t want to! Some of the videos are put together so well, you want to spend as much time viewing them or perhaps making your own to post.

So, while YouTube continues to become more popular it is important if you are one of its many members, or potential members, to make sure you are sensible with your personal details. The site may be a little safer than some other similar sites, but it still has its dangers. The content is not always reviewed, so you could always end up viewing something that is potentially distressing. So be careful, but most of all enjoy yourself! If used correctly YouTube can potentially help you make new friends and to make your mark in the world around you.

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