Bundling Advertising with Internet Technology for Seamless, Effective Solutions:

Disjointed combinations of mismatched technology solutions with ineffective advertising strategies have cost enough!
It is time to organize this disorganized marketplace lacking standards of pricing, performance and service! You deserve better and I am going to bring it to you!

I am putting together a system of fee-splits, policies, specifications and procedures to allow advertising professionals (like myself) to work with technology professionals (programmers and designers) to provide effective, seamless Internet advertising solutions to businesses (you).

Right now trying to choose an Internet advertising solution resembles trying to purchase a good used car: the marketplace is full of dishonest individuals who will do or say anything to get at your money; there are no standards of pricing and performance; there are not two solutions alike; and the chances of your getting a good deal are somewhere between slim and none if you do not know the technology and the marketplace.

It really doesn’t need to be that way! There are many of us (see coracleinc.com, the company I started in 2001) who really, genuinely know how to make the technology result in sales; many who (see RISMedia.com) actually have advertising and media outlets and access to lucrative markets; many (see Imprev.com) who really know how to do a good job at internet mailing; and many (see CGIpro.com) who really are competent, cost effective, and honest to buy custom programming and (see IMHOST.com) hosting from.

It is the integration of these sources into bundled solutions that is lacking because of the speed at which the market changes; it takes a ‘jackrabbit’ with both sides of the brain functioning (me) to keep up!

My solution: to continue to invent, package, and sell solutions that encompass all the disciplines; and I have the reputation to do it; (see my latest ‘under construction’ venture at http://www.rothmanmarketing.com)

Would you like to help, or to buy a solution that works? Send me a brief description of what you desire, and what you have to bring to the party, and I will include you in the consortium I am putting together to standardize Internet Marketing services with 50% advertising and sales, and 50% Internet technology products and services, to create solutions that work! Write me at israel@rothmanmarketing.com: I would love to here form you!

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