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The need for the portability of information in the 21st century has spurred the computer industry to miniaturize their technology for business and personal needs. MP3 players, laptops, and portable hard drives (sometimes called flash drives) have become more ubiquitous by the day. One great example of portable computer technology at its finest is the Store-It portable hard drive by PexagonTech. PexagonTech was founded in September 2002 by a group of computer experts and designers whose vast experience covered the areas of mass data storage, digital photography, and video editing. This expertise lends immediate credibility to the Store-It portable hard drive before consumers even purchase it, but PexagonTech has come up with some new wrinkles to make Store-It an necessity for anyone interested in protecting their data.

The Store-It 2.5″ Hi-Speed portable drive offers a small but durable design that offers great backup options for those who want to keep their data safe and portable. The Hitachi Travel Star hard drive inside of Store-It affords fast transfer of data from Mac and PC laptops, desktops, and CD/DVD drives. As well, the EZ-Touch One Button Backup offers a quick transfer of data with the touch of a single button, for the business person or individual who is in a hurry and needs certain files. Part of the data upload system for the Store-It hard drive is the Progressive Backup system, which ensures the owner that only the new or updated information off of the computer will be uploaded to save drive space and valuable time. With up to 120 GB of space, there is little chance of losing important meeting or work data.

PexagonTech, in a nod to trends in marketing, also offers custom laser engraving for only $10. Such engraving can include a company logo, name, or a personal name with space for 48 characters on the back of the Store-It drive. For an additional $10, PexagonTech offers an ingenious Lost N Found system to ensure that valuable data is returned quickly to the owner. The Lost N Found system starts with an engraved personal identification number on the back of the Store-It unit, just above the personal engraving, as well as information for anyone who finds the lost drive. This information includes directions to the PexagonTech website, a reward for finding and returning the lost item, and free shipping of the lost drive to its owner. The Lost N Found system offers a great incentive for people to return crucial data drives to their rightful owners.

The Store-IT USB hard drives offered by PexagonTech are hands down some of the best on the market. At just over a centimeter thick, these portable drives can fit easily into pockets, backpacks, and briefcases. The security measures included for a small fee by PexagonTech with its products, especially the Lost N Found program, ensures customers that their data is always safe. Prices for the Store-It unit are competitive, ranging from $99 dollars for 40GB of portable memory up to $179 for 120GB of memory. These prices are consistent with the rest of the market and no other software company offers the same reliability and security for their customers’ data.

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