The Art of Text Messaging

First there was the cellphone. That was during the old days when you simply use your mobile phone to call. After all, there was the beeper then and anyone who wanted to leave you a message could use it. Today however, it seems that the beeper is passe’. Todays cellphone now has SMS – which used to mean short messaging – until the one-liner cellphone is now a six liner one. Of course, most people would stil settle for the average four-liner cellphone because it’s cheaper and one doesn’t usually need to send someone a two paragraph message which is possible if you have a six liner mobile.

Okay, what do I mean by “one liner”? . One liners are those old cellphones which allow you to text something like a short sentence. For intance, a one-liner cellphone would work great for you if you are a person of few words. Simple questions and answers like “Meet me at six ok?” would be okay in a one liner mobile phone. Replies like “yes” or “no’ are also usual in one liner cellphones
Today however, the average cellphone owner has four liner phones. This means that you can actually tell your friend something like :”Hello, how’s your day. Mine was okay. Please take care and call me later”. Four liner phones are becoming fashionable because it is faster and more connvenient than sending one an email like :” I remember it’s your birthday today. May you have a happy celebration. Will be at your party tonight”. Of course if you have to send a whole document, you still have to use your computer, but basic one paragraphs “FIT” into a four liner cell phone.

Aside from long messages, a four liner cellphone also can allow you to send simple picture messages. A picture message is like a small LOGO which you can send to your friend. Floating hearts, smileys, sweet dog pics plus your message on it can be sent by using your mobile phone. And it doesn’t even matter if your phone is colored or not. If you have a colored cellphone however, you can send a lot more logos and picture messages and even a picture of yourself, except that the reciever should also own a colored mobile.

Some colored mobiles even have cameras on them which make it easier for anyone to take personal pictures which they can send to others who also own a colored celll phone. Still, the most common cell phone depends on simple text messaging because it costs cheaper and text messaging “comes through” better even when you are in a no-signal location.

A case in point is what happened during the height of Typhoon Katrina. While it was impossible to call anyone, most were able to tell their friends and relatives they were okay by sending them a text message. Why? Because it is not as “signal dependent” as a voice call and it is relatively easy when you learn how to use your keypads as a keyboard.

IText messaging will be the trend of the future. So, why not try “knowing” your cell phone keypad now? IT only seems difficult ast first until you get the knack of it. Text messaging is IN. Beepers are OUT – – besides, it’s one of the most convenienet technologies available today.

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