Zango All in One Messenger

With the holidays right around the corner, more and more around the world are staying connecting via the Internet. But what can you do when many of your friends and family use different instant messaging services? Start looking into “All in One” instant messaging programs. I recently stumbled upon Zango Messenger that allows AOL/AIM, ICQ, MSN and Yahoo to be connected at the same time. The idea is to be able to chat with everyone without using up too much memory with your IM’s. Your only running one program instead of 4 different ones. Sounds pretty good, right? But the Zango messenger is missing some features.

For example you can sign into two MSN instant messaging accounts. But when they are both signed in, you can’t tell just from looking which names go to which account until you roll over them. You can change this and add groups. Secondly there have been some new faces, new emotions and different styles of words on messaging. Such as new faces that move. Want to share them with your friends, chances are it won’t be happening.

The Zango Messenger comes with the standard faces and pictures but today it seems that everyone has added and downloaded items to spice up their messages. Another plain thing is the look of the messenger. It’s pretty basic. You have few preferences to choose from. There is one cool feature regarding the Zango Messenger, you can change your status to online, busy, away, brb and offline for all accounts within one click.

This messenger needs some colors, some attitude and some help with freezing issues. When I downloaded this program the screen for being finished still stayed on. Be careful not to download any extra features such as the search assistant. You never know when it might be loaded with spy ware. This program could be a wonderful one to use someday but for the moment it needs some work. To see it for yourself log onto:
Cost: Currently Free
Download size: 147 KB- Took less then a minute to download on dial up

Un-installing info: You must reboot your computer should you decide to un-install this program. Make sure to save all your work first!

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