How to Do the Magic Pockets Card Trick

Magic Pockets is a simple type of self working non-gimmick card tricks which does not require any smart move or illusion from the performer. The good thing about this card trick is that unlike various other card tricks there is no need for the whole deck of cards. Instead, the performer only needs 20 cards along with the joker which means 21 cards in total. As the performance begins, performer asks the spectator insert joker anywhere between the 20 cards and tells him to remember the cards between which the Joker is placed. Later on, the joker is discarded and performer puts two equal piles of cards in his two pockets. Without ever looking at the cards, he pulls out the cards in which the joker was placed.


  • 1

    Take 20 cards out of the deck of cards along with a joker. Ask the spectator to shuffle them so as to make sure that the cards are evenly placed.

  • 2

    After the cards are shuffled ask the spectator to pick the Joker and put it anywhere inside the selected cards making sure that it is upside down.

  • 3

    Ask the spectator to fan the cards with their faces towards him. Tell him to memorize 2 cards on either sides of the joker and then take the cards back.

  • 4

    Deal the cards on the table in two piles and once you are done with dealing, place the right pile on top of the left pile and repeat the same process one more time.

  • 5

    Telling the spectator that you do need the Joker anymore, you put it aside. Now the cards that were above the joker, you put them at the bottom of the deck, ensuring that their order in undisturbed.

  • 6

    Divide the cards into parts, putting top half in your right pocket with face down and the bottom half in your left pocket with face up. You can also place them on the table in same way.

  • 7

    At last, when you will pull the cards back out of your pockets by counting off first 4 cards from each pile, the cards on 5th position in each pocket will be the spectator’s card.

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