Best Cheap or Free Computer Countdown Clocks

If you spend a lot of time at the computer, you may need reminders to pull your eyes away from the screen. Maybe you have dinner on the stove or you’re timing your tasks for billing purposes. Whatever the reason, you need a computer countdown clock. This handy list will help you find a small and easy application that’s right for you.

AlarmXP Pro 3 AlarmXP Pro 3 offers the most robust, free computer countdown clock on the net. It’s a feature-rich program that includes daily, monthly, and even yearly alarms. But if it’s just the computer countdown clock you’re looking for, to remind kids when their time is up at the computer, or to make sure you don’t burn dinner, AlarmXP Pro 3 has that too. This computer countdown clock has a configurable interface. The LITE version of the program is free, but if you want to spring $4, you can have the full functionality at your fingertips.

Cool Timer 2.1
Harmony Hollow Software offers this free computer countdown clock with a customizable interface that will play the tune or sound of your choice when time’s up. If you’ve got a roast in the oven, have to pick up junior from school, or need to remind yourself to take a break and rest your wrists, this computer countdown clock will help you. You can save and load pre-set times and customize colors too.

Mind over Clutter’s free computer countdown clock. Use this free computer countdown clock to time your organizing or decluttering sessions, all without, well . . . clutter. Saved neatly away on your computer desktop, you’ll never have to dust it or put new batteries into it. Best of all, it’s free.

CountDown 8.01. Available for download, and produced by Grau, this computer countdown clock is free to try, $9 to buy. Highly rated by users, it has four different timers. It comes with individualized skins, and an ‘always on top’ feature. Moreover, you can have several countdown clocks or timers running simultaneously.

MultiTrack Stopwatch 2.3 But why pay $9 for Countdown 8.01’s computer countdown clock, when you can get this free computer countdown clock by Morimoto Shouji? Allowing multiple timers at the same time, this is still a no-frills stopwatch for your computer desktop, that won’t clog up your hard drive with ad or spy ware.

Scirocco Take a Break 2.7 Given the high instance of work and stress related injuries, Scirocco’s free computer countdown clock should be mandatory for all workplaces. Every hour, this computer countdown clock reminds you to get up and take a break, saving your body and your eyes from too much strain. It has optional flashing if you want to avoid making distracting noises in the workplace, and it stays hidden in your desktop tray. This free computer countdown clock keeps it simple-and that’s its strength.

Kirby Alarm 2.1 More robust an configurable than the Scirocco’s Take a Break 2.7 free computer countdown clock, is the Kirby Alarm 2.1. Configurable to sound an alarm and perform a computerized action, you can send emails, run a program, or pop up a note when the timer goes off. This computer countdown clock is light on resources and user-friendly; it’s not hard to set an alarm. You can use it to remind yourself of TV shows, meetings, eBay auction deadlines-the possibilities are endless. The only downside cited by users is that it doesn’t have an ‘Always On Top’ option.

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