Best Free Craft Supply Source: 5 Craft Materials from Nature

One of the best places to find cheap supplies for crafts is just outside the front door. It does not matter where you live, there is craft material available to you, if you look.

You could live in the city, in a small town, in the woods, near a lake or a beach, or have a small stream in your backyard. No matter, even the sidewalk provides crafting material for you if you take the time to recognize both natural and found objects as possible cheap craft supplies.

5 Free Craft Materials from Nature

Nature provides us with an endless supply of free craft materials. Here are just some ideas which I have used when making actual arts and crafts. The craft projects have ranged from assemblages, to paper crafts like collage, and even some mixed media fine art paintings. No matter your arts and crafts medium, you can find use for these free craft supplies.

1. Birch Bark

If you live in an area of the country where you have white Birch trees, you also have a source of natural crafting paper or paper making material. When you see a fallen Birch tree, you can usually find some peeling bark. If you peel the bark just right, you will have a free craft supply.

I have used birch bark in Valentine’s Day cards, in homemade books, and as paper pulp in homemade paper.

Birch bark easily picks up pigment, on the inside, not the hard bark exterior. Coat with an acrylic medium or other craft sealer when done.

2. Brambles

Wood brambles can be found in the woods, or your backyard. They can sometimes be found in piles after landscaping. Do not cut or pick any items from someone else’s yard without permission, or remove items from any official park areas.

Brambles and vining twigs are free craft supplies for making wreaths and other homey decorations. Why buy them at a craft store when you can find them nearby for free?

3. Flowers

Flowers, oh flowers are one great free craft supply that you can find seasonally. Pick flowers after they peak, before they fade away.

4. Leaves

Leaves from interesting plants and trees (do not pick anything poisonous) can be used to make any rubbings in paper crafts. Autumn colored leaves can be pressed and used for bookmarks, placemats and more.

5. Small Twigs

Small twigs which are already broken or cut down can be used in mixed media assemblages or paintings. They are also useful supplies for kids crafts, or when decorating a basket or box. Use twigs of similar color and size to cover an entire object with them.

Use these ideas for finding free craft supplies in your own backyard.

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