Best Gifts for College Graduates

Best Gifts for College Graduates College graduation season is almost upon us, and with it comes the dilemma of finding gifts that are thoughtful, useful, and within your price range all at once. College graduates have a lot to think about with the stress of finding a job and a place to live, and these gifts can make the transition much easier and more comfortable.

-Diploma Frame: Perfect for a recent grad’s new office, this gift lets them proudly display their reward for four years of hard work. Generic frames can be purchased at office supply stores, however for a more personalized touch consider contacting the student’s college bookstore where customized frames are typically sold.

-Apartment Supplies: There are plenty of inexpensive options if you would like to purchase a gift to help the graduate set up their new apartment. Consider a gift for the kitchen like a crockpot/slow cooker, which would allow the user to come home after work to a hot meal. These can be purchased at reasonable prices at stores like Target or Kmart. A coffeepot or bartending supplies are also nice additions to a new apartment and can also be purchased at Target or Kmart, or stores like Bed Bath and Beyond or Linens and Things.

-Metro Card: Frequently new grads find themselves working in the big city after graduation, and with city life comes city transportation. A MetroCard is a great gift for a recent grad who finds themselves working in New York. A 30-day Unlimited Ride MetroCard costs $76 and is good for all subway and bus rides until midnight. For a new Washington D.C. resident consider purchasing a Metrorail Farecard which can be bought in different denominations and are even sold online.

-Newspaper Subscription: Another gift which is perfect for a graduate living in a new city is a newspaper subscription for their local paper. This will help them feel more at home and find activities and events going on around town. Check the newspaper’s website for delivery options; often a subscription can be ordered right online.

-Day Planner: Life after college suddenly becomes very busy as the graduate becomes accustomed to a 40 hour work week instead of an 18 hour class week. A day planner is a good way to keep on track with appointments and meetings. This gift is also great for different price ranges since they can be found for around $15 at office supply stores or discount chain stores, or for around $60 from designers like Coach.

-A Scrapbook: Close to the graduate? Consider making a scrapbook out of your favorite snapshots and memories. Photos, ticket stubs, and scrapbook decorations that can be purchased at craft stores all make nice additions. Leave a blank page at the end of the scrapbook so that the graduate can add pictures from the graduation ceremony, or the tassel from their cap.

-Luxury gifts: For a graduate you are very close to, an expensive, fancy gift will surely be treasured for a long time. Consider a gift from Tiffany & Co. or Things Remembered like a silver engraved pen or business card holder. A nice watch or leather briefcase is always a good option, and for the ultimate in luxury graduation gifts a car is a great way to reward four years of studies.

Ultimately, the best way to choose a gift for the college graduate is to consider their interest and needs and find something that suits those. Think about their plans for post college life and try and find a gift which will make the transition into adulthood much smoother and easier. Keep those in mind when choosing a present and it will surely be a hit.

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