Best Horror Movies on Netflix

I love horror movies. You love horror movies. We all love horror movies! And indeed, if you have Netflix (and you should have it!) then you can watch horror movies from all over the world! Good ones, bad ones, gross ones, thriller ones, these horror movies come in all shapes and sizes! And as an individual with an unhealthy addiction to Netflix, it is my job to bring to your attention what I consider to be the best horror movies available for your streaming pleasure. Here they are in no particular order:


Imagine going into the woods for a relaxing (?) game of paintball only to become the prey of an invisible, highly skilled killer. Not fun, right? Well, fortunately it makes for a highly engaging and quite unique horror flick!

Troll Hunter

This is not your run of the mill horror movie. In fact, some may classify it more as fantasy, but they are wrong! Ahem….so anyway, this is a found footage piece in which a group of teens follow around a professional troll-hunter as he….well, hunts trolls. Big, gnarly trolls!

The Frankenstein Theory

Another found footage masterpiece! This is another really unique film in which you follow the exploits of a man claiming that the story of Frankenstein was REAL! And so he and a group of camera people go out to search for the legendary monster….with not so pleasant results.

Grave Encounters 2

I ran up quite a bill at my local dry cleaners thanks to this movie! It’s freaking scary, ok?? Just watch it! It’s another found footage movie which takes place in a demon-filled asylum. Bring your holy water and wooden crucifixes for this one!


Ok, I guess I am developing a theme here since this too is yet another found footage movie. It’s creepy, creepy, creepy! Police find the tapes of a group of young people and their horrific ends (as in every found footage movie). Definitely one of the best out there, and I promise the next movie won’t be found footage!


Okay, I lied! The final one is also found footage….with a twist! This is truly one of the most bizarre and interesting takes on this genre out there. I….oh man, just watch it. I can’t even put into words how seriously messed up the stories in this movie are. You have been warned!

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