Best Inexpensive Digital Cameras

Let’s face it, 33mm and other film cameras are just not that popular anymore. The best inexpensive digital cameras are. Digital cameras not only allow us to take all the pictures we want and print them but also to have them professionally printed just like film only with better quality. We can now save thousands and thousands of photos in the space that only one role of developed film takes. Family and friends across the world can have a picture of a new born baby before the baby is even 10 minutes old. We can view pictures of our loved ones while sitting in out favorite chair in front of the big screen through the DVD player. Technology is awesome, but it is not always price friendly for a lot of us. The good news is that there are many professional quality digital cameras out there for under $500.00. Here’s a look at the best inexpensive digital cameras.

My personal top pick of digital camera that won’t cost you an arm and a leg it the Sony Cyber Shot DSC-W7 which goes for around $499.00 and features 7.2 mega pixels. This is my pick as the best inexpensive digital camrea. This camera is compact with a 2.5 inch LCD screen for reviewing and previewing your images. This camera allows you to review your pictures on your TV as soon as you take them with the TV/VCR direct connect capability. It offers 3X optical and 2X digital zoom that is great for closes ups. Capture fast moving images without distorting the photo. This camera allows you to print directly to a PictBridge enabled printer. It also offers 32MB of built in memory with the option to have more with a memory stick. You are always in control with this camera because of the manual override controls. The DSC-W7 comes with 2 “AA” rechargeable batteries and a one year warranty through Sony.

Another camera that Sony makes that is one of the best inexpensive digital cameras is the Cyber Shot DSC-P200 which is also 7.2 mega pixels. This camera features a 2 inch LCD screen for reviewing and previewing your photos. The lens is a Carl Zeiss Vario – Tesser lens with 3X optical zoom which gives precise detail to your photos. The Real Imaging Processor enhances picture quality and response time. A great feature of this camera is the multipoint auto focus that provides many shooting options. Video clips with audio are an awesome capability of this camera as well. A PictBridge enables printer allows you to print photos instantly as well. The DSC-P200 comes with a 32 MB memory stick and a one year warranty with Sony.

The Nikon Coolpix 7600 is another fantastic digital camera that features 7.1 mega pixel. This camera usually goes for around $380.00. The 7600 offers a 1.8 inch LCD screen that is great for composing shots. The Nikkor ED glass lens allows for spectacular close ups. This camera uses a low amount of power which means longer battery life. Capture movies with sound with the cameras movie mode. Simplify taking pictures with the 15 modes for scenes. Another impressive feature of the 7600 is the special processing that handles common problems for you.

When purchasing a digital camera, there are many accessories to keep in mind. A camera bag, preferably that is fitted for that specific camera, is a must have to keep your camera safe and protected. There is also lens covers, extra memory, extra batteries, cables and more to consider purchasing to go along with your new camera. Most of these accessories can be found at electronics stores or office supply stores such as Office Depot or Now all you have to do it get out there and take pictures and save those memories forever.

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