Great Websites to Purchase a Computer

Getting a new computer can be a very exciting event. Why head out to crowded stores to purchase your new computer when you can easily find the perfect new desktop or laptop on the internet. Here are some great websites to try when looking for your next computer.


If you’re looking for a Macintosh computer, then where better to purchase it than the apple store? The ultimate Mac retailer, the Mac store will allow you to custom build your own desktop or laptop computer to your own desired specifications. Need more memory? Just add it. The store interface makes it simple for you to design the perfect computer for you.

Another great aspect of the apple store is that you can easily purchase all the software you will need for your new computer at the same time you purchase you computer, and in many cases have some of that software pre-installed making your computer ready to go as soon as it arrives at your home.

The apple store is guaranteed to have the newest releases from apple, and will often offer bundle deals when you purchase a computer and another apple product such as an ipod together.


If your looking for a PC both Dell and Hewlett Packer have very good websites to help you find your next computer. Both websites are easy to navigate and can make shopping for your new PC a breeze.

Like the apple store, both websites will also allow you to custom build your computer, and select software to come pre-installed on your computer. Both websites will also often run promotions where you can receive a free printer or monitor along with your computer purchase.

Not only are these websites a great place to purchase your PC, they are also a good jumping off place for your computer search. Both can give you good information about the computers they sell so you can be an educated consumer when you decide to buy.


EBay can be a great place to purchase a computer. EBay sellers will often offer computers at much lower prices than you can find anywhere else online.

If you decide to purchase your computer from eBay, or a comparable auction type website make sure you know what you are buying, and that you are buying it from a verified eBay seller. Since computers are high dollar items they are also high scam items on the internet. Make sure that you are dealing with the actual seller and they you are not purchasing a used or refurbished model (unless that is especially what you are looking for).

Ebay can be a great place to get a deal, especially if you are willing to purchase a used rather than new computer. Check the site for a little while before you buy to make sure you are bidding what the items typically go for. You don’t want to overbid an item, while at the same time you don’t want to under bid and lose an auction you would like to win.

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