Best Landscaping Companies Near East Troy, Wisconsin

Looking for a reputable landscaping company in Southeastern Wisconsin this summer? Well look no further, I have found five reputable and respectable landscapers within a 30 mile radius of East Troy, Wisconsin. East Troy, Wisconsin is located approximately 30 miles Southwest of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, so if you are in the city of Milwaukee and looking for a landscaper, these landscaping companies just may travel your way.

1. Landscape Artists out of Eagle, Wisconsin. Eagle, Wisconsin is a small little town just outside of Mukwonago, and not far from East Troy. Some of the services that Landscape Artists offer are: designing annual flower gardens, perennial beds, retaining walls, patio pavers and bricks, and landscape planning. The following is statement made on their website, “At Landscape Artists, LLC, we can help you design your outdoor spaces to bring out its hidden beauty. Let us turn your troubled green space into a showcase that will help you make that great first impression.” If you wish to contact Landscape Artists, they provide many different mediums for your convenience. You can visit their website at and find phone numbers and email addresses along with more information on the services they offer. This website is also great because it provides pictures of previous projects they have completed.

2. Envirocon, Inc out of East Troy, Wisconsin. The crew at Envirocon offers a variety of services, including: complete landscape maintenance, hardscape installation, landscape renovation, new lawn installation, drainage solutions, material delivery and debris pickup, ponds and waterways, irrigation, and rough and finish grading. The motto of Envirocon is “Investment in your property that grows.” Envirocon also has a great website that offers more information on the services they offer and monthly tips for the upkeep of your lawn and garden. Another great thing about their website is that they have a photo gallery that shows a landscape before picture and after picture that really captures the beautiful work they are capable of. You can visit to find contact information that includes both phone numbers and email addresses to contact them at.

3. Createscape Landscaping Services out of Mukwonago, Wisconsin. The folks who run Createscape Landscaping Services promise to not only assist in the design of your landscape, but also offer the services of installation, renovation, and maintenance of your landscape as well. According to their website, these landscapers consider themselves the source for design, wildflowers, hydroseed and sod, trees and shrubs, perennials and annuals, finish grading, brick paving, decks and gazebos, trellises and arbors, retaining walls, ponds and water features, and landscape lighting. Not only does this company know how to provide beautiful landscaping, but they have a very detailed and viewer friendly website as well. You can visit to find contact information via phone or email. Also, their website features the company’s portfolio of previous projects that have been completed. The portfolio showcases some of their beautiful work and describes the services offered in more depth.

4. PrairieTreeLandscapeCenterout of Elkhorn, Wisconsin, which is only a few miles down the road from East Troy. Prairie Tree Landscape Center is a unique company as they offer a very large variety of services. Not only do they offer general landscaping services, but they also house their very own garden center. They offer trees, flowers, and delivery and planting services as well. In addition to the garden center, the general landscaping services offered are: landscape design, plants and lawns, hardscapes, grading and excavation, athletic fields and playgrounds, and subdivision development. You can visit to find contact information including phone numbers and email addresses to schedule work to be done by these expert landscapers. The website also has pictures of properties they have worked their magic on along with yard maintenance tips for the general consumer.

5. Lawn Doctor out of East Troy, Wisconsin. While Lawn Doctor is a bigger operation with many locations, they pride themselves on providing detailed, local work. The services that Lawn Doctor offers are more geared towards maintaining your yard and landscaping. The services include: many different lawn care options, shrub and tree care, and pest control. If you visit the website, there is a link you can click on for a free lawn evaluation, in which one of their professionals will evaluate you lawn and/or landscaping to let you know what steps are necessary to achieve the results you want. Visit and enter your zip code to find a Lawn Doctor near you. The website provides an 800 number to get in contact with them. There are also a large variety of tips and tricks regarding lawn and landscape maintenance.

These five local landscaping companies are not listed in any particular order, such as best to worst, but they are just five well known companies in the area. There are other, smaller landscaping companies in the area that also do exceptional work, but these five companies offer websites that allow the consumer to research and get a feel for the work they do, which I appreciate. Therefore, I am recommending the work of these landscapers after researching their websites and reviewing pictures of the work they perform.

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