Best Picks for College Scholarship Resources

Obtaining a degree is a rewarding experience, and can open up multiple opportunities for a career, an independent business, and obtaining networking skills. College scholarships are a great way to fund a portion, or all, of your education in addition to financial aid and personal savings. Not all scholarships are academic-based; many are offered for specific industries, subjects, or in exchange for work after graduation.

Finding the best scholarship for you and your academic goals is easy with hundreds of internet resources. Returning adult students, ‘non-traditional’ students, transfer, and international recruits can all find valuable funding by utilizing a variety of databases available online. The following college scholarship resources offer a diverse range of information, usually through a simple search process and some with a profile setup. New search results can be sent to your e-mail inbox, making it easy to stay up-to-date on the most recent and available scholarships. is a free scholarship search engine that only requires a basic user profile setup to begin. It searches across a broad range of databases, linking up today’s companies and organizations in your area. The pre-qualified screening process allows you to enter information on honors received, GPA, and other notable accomplishments to provide you with the most targeted search results. boasts over $2.5 billion in award money through their search site; the user-friendly search engine helps you organize and review your current search results, categorize them, and respond online to request additional information. The deadline calendar is a great way to make sure you don’t miss the most important dates, and can keep track of where you still need to apply. is a great start to any search, as it lists all schools and colleges that offer immediate scholarships to those who qualify with limited criteria. This means no additional essays, interviews, etc. are required, as the scholarships are granted on a very basic level and can be renewed. Simply scroll down to your school or university for your state and see what’s available. Contact information and details about renewal are conveniently summarized. is a ‘collegiate websource’ as it serves as a portal and hub of localized information. Users create a Student Profile with login information, and the site reports over $3.6 billion of scholarship money within the database. The site is powered by NextStudent that can offer additional information on distance learning, college placement, and other useful resources.

Online database searches are growing in size and functionality across a variety of industries; finding critical college scholarship information is easy with today’s options. Tracking, creating calendars, and staying informed of new postings are additional resources available with free memberships, and can help any type of college student pave the way to success without too many financial setbacks!

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