Best Places to Go for Mother’s Day in St. Louis, Missouri

Mother’s Day is just around the corner on May 14th. To me, it’s kind of a dual holiday, a time to salute both the woman who brought you into this world as well as the mother of your children. Maybe it should be called Women’s Day or Wife and Mother’s Day or something like that. And what about the children? If they are young, it’s as much a day to celebrate them too, under the guise of everybody letting mom take a day off from her harried schedule.

My mom was never much for making a fuss around the holidays, even the one named after her. She had spent about 45 years working hard in a factory and whiled away most of her retirement hanging out at the casino with a bunch of her retired buddies. She didn’t spend a lot of money there, mostly just dropping pennies into the slot machines. It was fortunate that the casino people had decided to build one right up the street from where she lived, almost within walking distance. Like I said, mom didn’t require much pampering from her three sons, a card and maybe an occasional box of chocolates would suffice. One Mother’s Day I decided that I would do something special for her, something that I had never done for this particular holiday before: take her out to dinner. It would be a special experience. Go to a nice fancy place that required reservations and let her order something that she had never had before. I had worked for a lot of chain restaurants and even a few fast ones, and we were always busy on Mother’s Day. I could never really understand why someone would take his or her wife or mother to a fast food place to eat on this holiday. Was it economic necessity or just plain cheapness? Maybe the kids won out and the whole family decided to eat at Mc Donald’s.

My mom liked seafood so I decided to book reservations at the most expensive fish place in town. She had never had lobster and seemed eager to try it when we sat down and ordered. The meal went great, as planned. The next day I received a phone call from her at about 2 o’clock in the afternoon. She was at the hospital. Turns out she was allergic to shellfish and had experienced a massive outbreak of hives. “Do me a favor, son.” She said over the phone. “Don’t ever take me out for Mother’s Day dinner again.”

Here are a few special places around St. Louis to take that special mom for Mother’s Day. Just stay away from the seafood places unless you know she’s not allergic to shellfish:

If mom’s not a vegetarian, check out Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse at 1 North Brentwood Blvd. It’s not only the best steakhouse in the city, but has a nice mom-like name, especially if your name is Chris. Ruth’s Chris has several locations around the country, but originated in New Orleans and definitely has the Big Easy feel about it. This place also sells the sizzle as well as the steak; claiming that the steaks are seared in a 1,800-degree broiler and the plates arrive at your table at about 500 degrees. The steaks are seasoned with only salt and pepper and a sizzling dollop of butter. The atmosphere has overtones of copper throughout, white tablecloths, and accents of velvet. The wine list is impressive with some 250 varieties, as well is the price. Expect to drop about $100.00 per on the meal, but that’s not too much for mom is it?

If you want to spend a little bit less, Russo’s Spazio in Westport has a Mother’s Day brunch for about $22.00 and the kids can eat for $9.95. The brunch includes Eggs Benedict as well as breakfast staples like bacon, sausage, and French toast. Roasted meats, fried chicken, and fresh salads round out the menu.

Harry’s Restaurant Downtown, Oleary’s on South Lindberg, Baldo’s on Hampton, and Hodak’s are some other highly recommended places to take mom. For something completely different, you can treat her to a massage. A number of places like Nirvana on Jungerman Road and Massage Envy in Maplewood are running specials for mom’s special day.

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