Best Products for Treating Asthma

An asthma attack can be frightening to anyone experiencing it, but how can you cut them down for those who frequently suffer from this common medical problem? Air purifiers can help tremendously when the right ones are bought.

What is Asthma?
Loss of breath, wheezing, coughing, dizziness and even fainting…the symptoms can be terrifying. Family members can also be affected by ones if they are watching it occur. Asthma is a common respiratory problem that plagues both adults and children. It can be passed on genetically or developed throughout life.

Asthma attacks happen when the airways to the lungs become inflamed and narrowed. The inflammation is what causes shortness of breath. There are a few things that can trigger an asthma attack:
� pollen and dust particles
� chemicals (paint fumes, pesticides, etc.)
� smoke

Most of the following problems usually occur inside the home and cause those who suffer from asthma to go into an attack. It is absolutely mandatory to have clean air inside your home to make the attacks less frequent and less severe.

What Can I Do to prevent and Asthma Attack?
First, it is important to buy air purifiers after the carpeting is taken out of your home. This will cut down the pollen and dust particles by a significant percentage. Since most dust and pollen particles can be tracked in and stick to the fibers in thick carpeting, it is essential to remove it so that you can be sure that you are removing them by a quick mop up. Then, when you buy a few air purifiers, your home can begin the stabilizing of a safe environment.

Severe asthma attacks can sometimes require emergency medical treatment and in rare cases can be fatal. One of the best air purifiers for asthma sufferers on the market today is the IQAir HealthPro Plus. It is equipped with the most effective HEPA filtering system. It is designed to trap and eliminate these harmful particles from the air.

Online Product Review for People with Asthma
“The IQAir HealthPro Plus provides all of the features of the HealthPro air purifiers plus the chemical and odor trapping IQAir V5-Celltm module. Handling rooms as large as 1000 square feet, the IQAir Plus is equipped with electronic filter monitoring and reporting so you know when to replace a filter module. In addition, the IQAir remote control allows you to tune the units for optimal noise versus cleaning in your environment. IQAir air cleaners use a fan that is rated for 700 CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) and uses ball bearings for quiet, smooth operation. For MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity), allergy, and asthma sufferers these IQAir air cleaners are the only product that is certified by third-party tests to alleviate symptoms. This is a truly wonderful air purifier that we can’t speak highly enough about”

Do You Have Asthma but it isn’t Severe?
Even those with moderate asthma still need to make sure that their home is safe and secure so that it will not develop into a severe asthma problem. Although you may not want to buy an air filter of such a high magnitude and higher cost, there are other options available out there for you.

Allerair Exec and the AustinAir Healthmate are two air purifiers that are perfect for those with moderate allergy and asthma conditions. The Exec contains:
� a powerful HEPA filter
� activated carbon to remove any odors, gases or chemicals

The Healthmate is another purifier that contains:
� HEPA filtering system
� activated carbon.

The combination of this technology, where these areas are concerned, aid in the elimination of virtually all contaminants no matter what they are or where they hide in your home.

So, no matter what type of allergy or asthma you suffer from you can cut down the attacks you may experience by cleaner air inside your home.

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