Best Products for Treating Cancer

Cancer. This is a word that stops any human being dead in their tracks. The fear, the confusion, the life changes that are made at the moment your doctor tells you that you have been diagnosed. It is a gut wrenching moment that many people the world over face everyday. Is there any help? Is there any hope? The answer is yes.

Best Products for Treating Cancer : The Natural Approach
There are natural products that can help treat cancer to help you live a healthier and happier life. It is a proven fact that many conventional drugs used in chemotherapy come from nature. Plants such as vincristine and vinblastine come from a periwinkle plant and paclitaxel from the pacific yew tree.

Chemotherapy agents can be highly toxic to human beings and hurt your body while trying to destroy the cancer. These other means can make the destruction of the cancer more bearable for the human body.

The following elements have been proven in studies of:
� Clinical evidence of effectiveness
� Scientific rationale
� Safety
� Compatibility with conventional therapies
� Clinical experience

And the eight elements that can help treat cancer are as follows;
� Proteolytic enzymes
� Curcumin
� Quercetin
� Maitake D (OR) MD-fraction
� Polyerga
� Modified citrus pectin
� Inositol hexaphosphate (otherwise known as Ip6)

Best Products for Treating Cancer: Details of Natural Products
Just because there are these natural medicines for your cancer treatment does not mean that you should not see your doctor as he/she is the only one who can tell you which options are better for your body.

Proteolytic enzymes are actually various enzymes that will break down protein. They have a long history of use in cancer treatment and have been promoted by countless doctors for many years.

Curcumin, otherwise known as curcuma longa, is the yellow pigment of turmeric and for all of us who spend a lot of the time in the kitchen it is the main ingredient in curry. This specific product has demonstrated significant anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer effects according to Dr. Michael Murray, Dr. Tim Birdsall, Dr. Joseph E. Pizzorno and Dr. Paul Reilly who wrote “How to Prevent and Treat Cancer with Natural Medicine.”

It also inhibits the formation of cancer causing elements, enhances the production of glutathione (which is cancer fighting), proper liver detoxification, prevents over production of the enzyme cox-2 which can and has been known to contribute to the development of tumors.

Quercetin, doctors refer to this to the most common flavoride in the human diet. Instead of attacking tumors directly Quercetin keeps cancer cells form dividing. This specific natural product has fought against a large range of cancers including, but not limited to, breast, lung, skin, ovaries, colon, rectum, and even the brain.

Mitake D and MD fraction, a mushroom that is the source immune enhancing compounds. This natural element stimulates white blood cells. And with these white blood cells they engulf foreign particles including cancer cells and bacteria. The Mitake fractions consist of complex sugar compounds and proteins. Mitake fights cancer by;
� Protecting healthy cells form becoming cancerous
� Enhancing the immune system to destroy cancer cells.
� Helping cells regain control of the cell division
� Helping to prevent the spread of cancer to other regions of the body.

PSK/PSP, also known as Krestin, a protein bound polysaccharide produced form the cloud fungus mushroom. They significantly enhance immune function the benefits have been confirmed in well over 400 scientific studies. This specific element can work in nearly every cancer case.

Polyerga, a highly purified extract of small proteins, contains substances that bind to receptors on white blood cellsâÂ?¦this stimulates immune responses. White cells release chemical messengers that also stimulate immune responses, the messages from the bone marrow trigger the production of more white cells. According to the doctors who wrote the book “How to Prevent and Treat Cancer with Natural Medicine” (which was endorsed by the cancer treatment centers of America).

Citrus pectin is a complex sugar obtained from citrus fruits. It reduces the risk of metastasis which is the spread of cancer form one are of the body to another. Some of the following that can be treat with this include:
� Breast cancer
� Prostate cancer
� Lung cancer
� Melanoma

Ip6 is a component of fiber and is found in whole grains. A combination of this natural product with others has anti cancer effects in almost every single type of cancer.

Best Products for Treating Cancer: Conclusion
Years of clinical studies have brought us to this point where cancer is close to being eliminated. But until the day when the threat is completely gone we must protect ourselves by going to our doctor for regular check ups and whenever possible using natural products to treat against disease rater than only the chemical that can kill us just as fast if not faster than the disease itself.

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