Best Ways to Combat Dog Odor

You love Fido, smell and all. However, you really wish your clean-looking home and dog smelled as good as they looked. Dog odor lingers in places you may not consider, like in draperies, rugs and under Fido’s bed. Follow your nose and use these tips for the best ways to combat dog odor.

Draperies and Curtains

Any fabric near a dog’s bed or favorite hangout will absorb odors. Draperies and curtains are often the scent assaulters in a room. A quick-fix way to remove the odor is to spray the window coverings with a fabric refresher. And from time to time, have them dry cleaned or launder them yourself for a deep down clean scent.

Rugs and Carpet

Your dog leaves behind a scent anywhere his paws touch, so the odor you smell may be coming from area rugs or wall to wall carpet. To lift odors, sprinkle rugs and carpet with baking soda 30 minutes to an hour before you plan to vacuum. The baking soda is a natural deodorizer, harmless to pets and won’t damage your carpet.

Fido’s Bedding

Even if you launder Fido’s bedding every week, if you don’t clean and deodorize where it lays, the smell will remain. Mop or vacuum under bedding regularly to eliminate the smell. Consider the area under your bed too, if your dog likes to hide out under beds, he is leaving behind pet dander and doggie smell.

Cover chair cushions, throw pillows, foot of bed or any other location where your dog likes to lounge with a fabric covering that is easy to remove and launder. I have found old bath towels and beach towels work great for this purpose.

Kibble and Treats

I refer to canned dog and cat food as ‘stink-in-a-can’ because it does stink to the high heavens. Dry pet food is less smelly, but all pet food has an odor that can stink up a small room. To prevent pet food odors, keep opened food in airtight containers.

Treats generally don’t smell, when they’re fresh. But let Fido ‘bury’ his treat indoors in his favorite hiding spot and forget about it for a few days. Your nose will tell you there’s something a-foul in the air. Look under furniture, area rugs, bedding or any other location where a dog treat may be hidden and you’ll probably uncover the origin of the stench.


A plastic laundry basket makes a perfect place to keep Fido’s toys plus it’s easy to clean, Remove toys and wipe down plastic with a disinfecting wipe once per week. Don’t put chew toys in the basket wet and launder or replace fabric toys often to prevent odors.




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