Big Bob Gibson White BBQ Sauce – Simply Delicious: Product Review

It’s summertime and the barbeques are hot everywhere. Go outside on a Saturday or Sunday and you are almost guaranteed to smell the sweet smell of barbeque in the air. Barbeque sauce is a very common condiment here in the south, but when most people think of barbeque sauce they think of the brownish colored sauce with flavors ranging from sweet, honey, hickory, mild, medium, hot, and for the really brave – “killer”. These sauces are generally tomato based, but there’s a new kid on my block and his name is Big Bob Gibson White BBQ sauce. This barbeque sauce has a distilled vinegar base and has a totally different flavor than the traditional barbeque sauces. Big Bob Gibson White BBQ sauce is definitely worth a try if you are getting tired of the brown stuff this summer.

Even though the concept of white barbeque sauce is new to me, it has been around for quite some time. In fact, Big Bob Gibson White BBQ sauce has been around since 1925. White barbeque sauce is the norm in Alabama, but it’s so great that I feel like everyone should know about this best kept secret. The ingredients that make up Big Bob Gibson White BBQ sauce are as follows: Distilled vinegar, sugar, salt, spices, egg yolks, mustard flour, paprika and garlic. The vinegar is what gives this sauce its unique flavor.

Big Bob Gibson White BBQ sauce is so versatile you can use it on pork, chicken, ribs, wild game, seafood and you can even use it to jazz up your cole slaw, potato salad and macaroni salad. That’s something that you can’t do with traditional barbeque sauce. It has a tangy, peppery taste, but is not too spicy. It gives meat just the right flavor without being overpowering. I also tried it in my potato salad and it gave it that special something that it was missing. It was so good that my friends were asking me for the recipe.

This summer, make your friends ask for the secret behind your delicious barbeque. You can buy Big Bob Gibson White BBQ sauce online for only $5.95. You’ll soon find that it’s worth the price when you have everyone’s mouths watering every time you mention the idea of a barbeque at your house. And with this sauce you can’t go wrong. You can use it in many different recipes, and it’s not just for grilling. You can also use Big Bob Gibson White BBQ sauce while baking or roasting. Once you taste the lip smackin’ goodness of Big Bob Gibson White BBQ sauce you will think twice about picking up that brown stuff when you’re heading towards the barbeque.

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