Top 10 Reasons why you should become Vegetarian

A vegetarian abstains from all kinds of meat including red meat, white meat and even seafood. However, this certainly does not mean that they do not get to enjoy the food that they eat. Vegetables come in great varieties and can make amazing dishes without the addition of any flesh. Apart from the taste, a vegetarian also earns himself numerous benefits including health, beauty and improved body tone. A vegetarian is able to capture the true benefits of vegetables. The extent of these benefits is enough to turn any non-veg into a hardcore vegetarian.


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    Amazing dishes:

    Some of our favourite dishes have vegetables as the main ingredient. Vegetables make awesome dishes without help of any meat. Fried, boiled or sautéed, the juicy vegetables bring out their own flavour to the table.

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    Vegetables come in a great variety of flavours and colours. With the different tastes, you can light up meal time. There are many kinds of vegetables and everyone is bound to find a favourite.

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    Free conscious:

    Perhaps the best part about being a vegetarian is the satisfaction that no living being was killed for the food. Vegetarians believe that it is brutal to kill animals and make food out of them.

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    Perfect figure:

    Vegetables are the best friend of a person trying to lose fat. They are filled with nutrients and can satisfy your daily energy needs. At the same time they are low on saturated fat and do not take a toll on your body weight.

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    Cancer avoidance:

    Red meat contains low levels of carcinogen which lead to cancer. Vegetables are free from these carcinogens and therefore do not contain any risk of getting any deadly diseases.

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    Healthy heart:

    The low fat leads to healthier and clear arteries. There is no fat deposition on the walls of the arteries keeping blood pressure normal. This reduces the risk of any heart disease.

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    Bird flu:

    Poultry products like chicken and eggs carry the risk of bird flu. This can be avoided by adopting a pure vegetarian diet.

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    Longer life:

    Research has proven that vegetarians live at least seven years longer than non-vegetarians. This is due to a healthier body and heart. Vegetables are also free of the chemicals that meat products contain.

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    Beautiful skin:

    Vegetables bring an inner glow to your skin. A vegetable diet clears the skin and beautifies it with nutrients.

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    High fibre:

    Vegetables are high on fibre which helps in digestion and to release waste from your body.

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