How to Enhance and Improve Food Flavor

When it comes to eating home cooked food, there is always a feeling that something is missing, something which was there when you ate the same food at a restaurant. It is not a matter of getting the recipe right or re-cooking the entire thing, because the result will be the same no matter how many time you try. Reason – getting a recipe is easy, every chef will tell you one but what they will not tell you are the little things which enhance the flavor of the food. There is no mystery about these ingredients of choice though.


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    Use Leeks instead of Onions

    If you don’t want the onions to overpower the flavor of your dish, use leeks which offer a subtle and sweet taste while adding a green tinge to the dish as well.

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    Use Chives instead of Onions

    Chives are also a good replacement for onions. It adds both to the taste and colour of the dish.

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    Pancetta is a Yes

    This is an exotic cured Italian meat, which can completely transform the flavor of a dish. Use it in small amount is sauces and soups, and the difference in taste will be incredible.

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    Go Nutty

    Nuts not only enhance the flavor of your soups and salads, they also add to its texture with their crunchiness.  Nuts can also be used in all type of sub continental curries and some rice dishes. To get the best and aroma, slightly roast these nuts before use.

  • 5

    Citrus Fruits make the Difference

    Let go for of salt and incorporate citrus fruit juices to dress your salads and sea food. Their pungent taste can add excitement to the dish. The trick is to add the juices right before consumption.

  • 6

    Ginger Rocks

    Ginger is the soul of Asian Cuisines. Its aroma and unique flavour gets the taste buds going and the best part is that it is very healthy for heart.

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    Do the Salsa

    This Mexican spice is heavenly when used with eggs, vegetables, or meats. Tomatoe salsa is the most used condiment and can really provide a kick.

  • 8

    Use Broth

    One of the major reasons why people run away from vegetables is because of their blandness, especially when it comes to boiled vegetables. The best cure for that is to consume vegetables with broth – chicken broth, ginger broth etc. This will enhance the flavor and also increase the nutritional value.

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