Review: Great Value Mexican-Style Lasagna

I decided to try the Great Value Mexican Style Lasagna that I bought at Walmart. At first, I was reluctant. I had already put a Stouffers product of a different type in my cart. I had the fleeting thought that an off brand would not be as good. But, I went ahead and bought it.

As I heated the oven, I looked at the preparation instructions. I noticed there were no high altitude directions. Living in Colorado, I always look for the high altitude baking instructions. Normally, they are listed for 3,500 – 6,000 feet. Even though I live higher than that, those instructions normally work out well. Not finding it, I added 25 degrees to the 375 degrees the instructions require. The cooking instructions said to tent the foil as it bakes. I had never seen that term. But, I rotated the foil just slightly and folded it up in the middle with two corners gripping the pan.

Overall I would give it a 6 on a scale of 1 – 10. It seems a bit blander than it should. But, it still had a reasonably good taste and I look forward to leftovers tomorrow. The lasagna noodles seem a bit gummy. But, in the final conclusion I am likely to buy it again at some point.

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