Late Night Hunger: Check Out These Famous Seattle Diners

Not only is Seattle famous for coffee thanks to the Starbucks & Tully’s birthplace, but the coffee shop “scene”. Las Vegas and New York may be the cities that never sleep, but it’ll be a cold day in you know where before you walk into a Seattle 24 hour diner or coffee house and find it empty. Not only is it a refuge for all of our sleeping city’s insomniacs, but in between the hours of 11pm and about 4am, Seattle coffee shops harbor some of the most diverse, creative people around.

Not to mention the classic diner food and the never-ending coffee and cigarettes.

The 24 hour coffee house is a dying breed, as the smoking ban comes closer and closer to reality, but here are a few places you might want to take a peek at while visiting:

  • The Hurricane CafÃ?© : The Hurricane is right in the heart of downtown with a theme that’s probably pretty obvious. On the outside of the building, dark green paint with “The Hurricane’ painted in white, blustery letters. On the inside, two rows of classic diner booths create aisles while the walls are adorned with photos of hurricane damage of the past. Also, for your entertainment, a jukebox with a diverse selection of new and old music as well as a small arcade with several pinball games and classic arcade, such as Pac-Man are available. On top of a Mecca of entertainment, those of us who are “of age” can partake in spirits located in the small adjoined bar within the cafÃ?©. Smoking is always allowed here, however there is a non-smoking room located towards the back of the building. The food is astonishingly good, and as every good diner should, there is a trademark “Hurricane” dish that has given the cafÃ?© a legacy to be proud of: The Tsunami. A gigantic, gooey chocolate brownie topped with way more ice cream than should be legally allowed. Prices are definitely reasonable, and it’s a must-see for Seattle visitors and residents. (The Hurricane CafÃ?©, 2230 7th Av, Seattle, WA 98121)
  • Minnie’s CafÃ?© : Minnie’s is another excellent spot for local nightlife. A little smaller, and a little more on the inside of Seattle, the atmosphere is cozy yet sporadic. Greeted by a life-sized stoplight, hailing reds, yellows and greens at it’s own pace, the staff at Minnie’s is notoriously kind. With some of the best scones that Seattle has to offer at fares that are almost as enjoyable, Smoking is acceptable in this establishment. Minnie’s provides a middle-of-a-sunny-day feel at any hour. (Minnie’s CafÃ?©: 101 Denny Way, Seattle, 98109)
  • Beth’s CafÃ?© :This 50 year old cafÃ?© offers another smoking establishment open at all hours of the night. Of the three suggested, Beth’s is probably the most well-known and popular among the youth of Seattle, and there’s good reason for it. Packing a lot of room into a little space, Beth’s occupies a corner on the major thoroughfare Aurora Avenue, so in combination with the completely urban staff and often patrons, the city sounds are always at your front door, literally. The notoriety of Beth’s CafÃ?© sprouts from the same place as most things do: an egg. Except the chefs at Beth’s cafÃ?© like to take about 12 of those eggs and serve them up in one of the best omelettes you’ll ever have. Be warned, though, that the staff at Beth’s may push a piece of paper and crayons in front of you as you eat and have you draw something to add to the constantly growing dÃ?©cor of the cafÃ?©. All around the small hole-in-the-wall are customer artwork on display. . . Almost all in crayon or pencil. If you’re hungry, and looking for a little downtime in a subtle piece of Seattle fame, Beth’s is perfect. (Beth’s CafÃ?©: 7311 Aurora Avenue North, Seattle, WA 98103)

This hi-tech city still offers the best of the best in hospitality all through the night. Whether it’s playing Pac-Man at 3am,
munching on scones with your best friends, or creating crayon masterpieces over omelettes. . . You’re sure to find what you’re looking for at any hour of the day. The people, coffee, food, and atmosphere! Parking can be a bit rough in some places.

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